Packed Horizon hosts WWF Judgement Night

By The Columbia Chronicle

Benjamin Trecroci

Managing Editor

Nearly 18,000 fans packed the Rosemont Horizon for the WWF’s Judgement Night pay-per view event. The crowd was jacked from the beginning with anticipation. One man in a Blackhawks jersey yelled obscenities and taunts for nearly two hours until he became too inebriated for his one good. Another display of madness in the stands happened when Billy Gunn threw his t-shirt into the crowd and a man dropped his little girl to the concrete floor in an attempt to grab it. It was sad considering that Billy Gunn is not exactly the greatest wrestler. I could see if it was Steve Austin — then go ahead and drop your kid.

The event took place in the heat of tremendous controversy over the true holder of the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Owner Vince McMahon developed an all-out conspiracy plan to keep the WWF title from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. At the last pay-per-view event, Kane and the Undertaker defeated Austin by pinning him while at the same time making them co-holders of the title. This set up the main event between Kane and the Undertaker with none other than Steve Austin as a special referee.

Judgement Day opened with an insane fireworks show — the Horizon nearly blew up! For nearly a minute a number of explosions and fireworks brought the crowd to a climax.

After a few decent matches, the best match of the night took place between X-Pac and D’Lo Brown for the European Championship. For nearly 20 minutes straight, the two combatants went back and forth trying to grab the victory. Nearing the end of the match, D’Lo’s partner and former World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, came down to the ring and gave X-Pac a belly splash. It looked as if D’Lo was going to win, but X-Pac kicked out before the ref could hit the mat for the three count. X-Pac would catch D’Lo with a front face DDT to win the match and the European title.

After Ken Shamrock successfully defended the Intercontinental belt against Mankind, and Mark Henry upset “The Rock” Rocky Malvia, it was time for the main event.

First to be introduced was Kane. As the lights dimmed and the fire came up, explosions rang out all over the Rosemont Horizon. Anyone sitting near the entrance they would have been severely burned. The crowd cheered for Kane, but not as loud as for the Undertaker who came out next. The place went crazy. He came out to some Gothic music and all throughout the Horizon people lit their lighters which filled the air with the intense smell of lighter fluid.

Then came the announcement that everyone wanted “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as the special referee. The entire Horizon was up in arms as he came into the ring and gave everyone the finger, which made the crowd yell even louder.

The match was a little slow, but you could tell that something was going to happen. Nearing the end of the match, the Undertaker accidentally ran into Austin and this set the match into complete anarchy. The Undertaker and Kane then decided to beat on Austin for a while before they resumed their match. After Austin regained his senses, he gave both the Undertaker and Kane chair shots to the head which knocked them on their backs. Austin counted to three and announced that he was the winner and new WWF champion, and the roof almost came off the building.

While Austin celebrated by slamming about four beers, Mr. McMahon appeared above the entrance in a cage and announced that he was going to fire Steve Austin immediately. Austin did not believe him and proceeded to bad mouth the owner and drink more beers.

In response to his suspected firing, Austin appeared on WWF Raw the next night with a rifle looking for Mr. McMahon. He proceeded to take him hostage, demanding to be re-hired. McMahon was beaten to a pulp. The new WWF world champion will be determined with a 16-man tournament at the Suvivor Series in November. Look for Austin to be right back in the mix.