The Columbia Chronicle


Mission and History:

The Columbia Chronicle is the official student-run news publication of Columbia College Chicago. While
providing award-winning news content on Columbia’s campus and the South Loop area for our
readers, the Chronicle also serves as a laboratory for journalism instruction and practice,
producing professionals in various fields who can successfully contribute to their industries.

Divided into four sections—Campus, Metro, Opinion and Arts & Culture —the Chronicle
provides a wide variety of appealing content and news to engage a range of interests and

The Chronicle was established on campus in 1973, then known as the CC Writer and printed
tri-weekly. The first known issue of the CC Writer was printed on Nov. 1, 1973. In 1978, the CC
Writer was renamed The Columbia Chronicle, the first issue of which was printed on Oct. 31,
1978. The paper soon began printing weekly, as it currently does.

Throughout the years, the Chronicle has continued its commitment to being a
reflection of the media industry while at the same time setting new professional standards.

The newspaper evolved from its standard print edition to become an overall news organization
in response to changes in the industry. It adopted a website, created podcasts and multimedia
elements and is now implementing daily web coverage in addition to its quarterly print edition.

During the summer of 2018, the Chronicle became part of what is known as the Media Hub, a partnership between several media organizations at Columbia: the Chronicle, Frequency TV, Echo
Magazine, Austin Talks, Chicago Talks and WCRX radio.

Although it has taken many forms, the Chronicle student organization has remained a staple of
Columbia as a hallmark of press freedom and student creativity, winning numerous awards
nationwide and leading the way for student media publications.


In an effort to contribute to a more objective and transparent media industry, the Chronicle has
made available organization documents with information on its policies, staff training and media
standards. Below are several files with additional information on our policies and procedures for
our staff and production process. This page will continue to be updated as our policies and
procedures do.

Web Policy
Social Media policy
Staff agreement policy
Fact-checking process

The Chronicle has an in-depth fact-checking process for all content that is completed before
publication. The Chronicle strives for accuracy and objectivity, and this process was developed
over the years in collaboration with staff members and media professionals to ensure our
content is of the highest standards.

Chronicle Stylebook: The Chronicle maintains its own guidelines for writing style, which are
updated each semester in collaboration with the student management team and the copy desk
with the help of the Associated Press Stylebook, industry standards and consideration for our
community and audience.


Important media guides we follow: In addition to its in-house stylebook, the Chronicle also
looks to multiple organizations for guidance on its coverage.

● The Associated Press Stylebook:
● National Center on Disability and Journalism Language Styleguide:
● GLAAD Media Reference Guide:
● Religion Newswriters Foundation Religion Stylebook:
● Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism Diversity Styleguide:

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