Photo Editor Job Description

By Alice Werley

Photo Desk 

The photography desk is responsible for all of the photographs in The Chronicle and its website. This includes taking the photos, correcting images, cropping images for the edition and writing captions. Each member of the desk must prepare and crop their own photos for publication on the web and in print the same day they are taken.

Photo Editor

Responsible for at least one photo essay each semester

Take responsibility for the equipment and supplies used in taking, processing, editing, sizing and finishing photos for the newspaper (including cameras, scanners and so forth)

Provide the section editors and web editor with possible cut lines for all photos and ensure that the subjects in those photos are identified correctly

Obtain signed releases and permissions for photographs that require them and maintain a file of those releases and permissions

Edit all photos as needed; make sure certain photos contain no libel, no violation of the Privacy Act and no obscenity; and ensure that all photos adhere to the guidelines set forth in The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual

Verify the dates and times of all special events, so photo opportunities are not missed

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