What For?

By The Columbia Chronicle

Have you ever felt like everyone is against you? Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to be a fugitive on the run? If these thoughts have ever passed through your mind, make it reality and try get around Columbia without a Fall ‘98 sticker.

What is the reason for the stickers? If a student has an I.D., they’re obviously a student, not someone trying to pull a fast one. Not having a Fall ‘98 sticker on the back of your I.D. gives you pretty much no power to do anything around the school. Try borrowing a book from the library or even reading a textbook while in the library. Don’t even think about using the computer labs, the people in the computer lab have a zero tolerance policy and won’t listen to anything you say.

Speaking of computers, why do we have to buy print cards for ten dollars in order to print up even a page of paper? Where does the ten dollars go? Does it go toward upgrades, better facilities, or in someone’s pocket?

The print card came into play about two years ago…why? Was there a drastic increase in the price of paper or a severe paper shortage?

While Columbia is a unique school to say the least, there are some things that I would like to see that are commonplace in most schools.

Why do we not have a meal plan? The occupants of the Residence Center are always scouring the city, in order to feed themselves besides the usual, Ramen noodles and water dinner for two. With the closing of the Printer’s Row Market on State St. in May, there is no full-scale grocery store close by besides White Hen, where nine dollars will fetch you a frozen pizza. I wonder if fasting is an option?

I believe if Columbia wants to keep students here, they should really help out the students a bit more. Why should we continue to pay tuition and the ever-growing class fees and not ask any questions? Columbia is a fine school with great instructors but I think there could be more incentives for students.

And let’s not forget about the U-Pass…. Oh forget it, this column isn’t that long.