Copy Desk Job Description

By Alice Werley

Copy Desk 

The copy desk is in charge of editing, proofing and fact checking all copy in The Chronicle. During the week, copy editors read all submitted copy for style errors, content errors and readability. Copy Editors are also the last line of defense against plagiarism and fabrication of sources.

Asst. Copy Editor

Edit all articles, making sure the articles are accurate and contain no libel, violation of privacy or obscenity; and ensure that articles adhere to the guidelines set forth in The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual and the style guidelines of The Chronicle

Edit for visual elements in addition to style and grammar errors. This includes making sure all pictures and artwork are included and are sized correctly

Write headlines and captions

Fact check all names, addresses, numbers, locations, events, etc.

·Calendar listings responsibilities: copy editors are responsible for the back page features, including Get out, NSFW, World News, and Almanac

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