Very Bad Things doesn’t live up to the hype

By The Columbia Chronicle

Guy falls in love with girl, she falls in love with him and so they decide to get married. Sounds simple enough, right? But that’s just the beginning of a strange tale of events in “Very Bad Things.”

The only thing Kyle Fisher (Jon Farreau) wants to do is marry the woman of his dreams, Laura (Cameron Diaz). However, Kyle finds himself torn between helping his wife plan their wedding and holding on to his last days of freedom before “the big day.” Kyle’s friends, Boyd (Christian Slater), the Berkow brothers — Adam (Daniel Stern) and Michael (Jeremy Piven) — and a closet psycho, Moore (Leland Orser) throw a bachelor party for him in Las Vegas.

As an extra bonus, Boyd hires a stripper to liven things up and trust me, it works. As Kyle, Boyd, Adam and Moore enjoy themselves in their suite, getting high and boozing it up, Michael and the stripper enjoy a nice, intimate romp in the bathroom. Their fun soon turns tragic when the stripper dies by accident and the guys are left trying to figure out their next move.

Should they call the police or attempt to fix this problem themselves and move on with their everyday lives?

And so begins this dark comedy of love, sex and murder. After watching the trailers, this movie seemed interesting enough to see, and with a cast like this, worth the money. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

Never have I been to a movie where the audience openly questioned what they had just seen. The beginning of the movie was great, but as it progressed it got worse with each scene. I was greatly disappointed with the acting of Cameron Diaz. You would think that after the success of “There’s something about Mary,” Diaz would bring some energy to her character in this movie.

I guess I was asking too much from her. As far as everyone else, their lackluster acting couldn’t save this movie. I suggest you avoid “Very Bad Things” and go see something that’s worth your money. Anything is better than this!