Isn’t this what the faculty is for?

By The Columbia Chronicle

As every student found out or will find out, early registration is in progress. Now, I am not one to complain about the administration, but I was quite upset when I tried to register last week.

Many of you know if you have a problem with your school financial account you cannot register early due to a restriction that your counselor cannot override. You may also know that if you are paying off your tuition in payments you must have 75% paid off before you register. I do not have a problem with either of these factors.

Here is where my problem lies. I paid my third installment three weeks ago, thinking 75% was paid off, with the hope that I could register early. I soon found out I had not met the 75% requirement when I tried to register early because $150 was still outstanding from my third installment.

Luckily, a counselor in the Bursar’s office waived the restriction and gave me until the next day to pay the $150. Because of this I could register early and get all of my classes. Although, I was lucky the Bursar was still open during my registration and that my counselor could see me later. Also, I was fortunate the counselor at the Bursar decided to give me another day to pay the $150. In the same situation I fear others may not be so fortunate, especially if their appointment was after the Bursar was closed.

When I paid my third payment, why couldn’t the cashier tell me then I was short? Instead I was caught off guard not having the money, when they led me to believe I paid up to my fourth payment. The cashier should have told me, “If you plan to preregister you need to pay $150 so you meet the 75% requirement.” I would have then cleared my restriction before I tried to pre-register three weeks later.