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Trader Joe’s

By Sara Mays

September 12, 2011

Trader Joe's opened it's first store in the South Loop at, 50 East Roosevelt Road , Friday, September 9, 2011. The opening was not received with open arms by everyone with a few protestors demonstration against the opening of Trade Joe's.  Slideshow by Sara Mays[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="true" movie="" width="500" heigh...

A slice of ‘Heaven’

By Sophia Coleman

September 12, 2011

Rock DJ Heaven Malone has seen his fair share of famous venues and celebrities during his five years as a disc jockey and eight years as a party-planner.From collaborating with artists like Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, Marilyn Manson and Dragonette, Malone has left no genre of music untouched or unmixed. With residency at hotspots like Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz’s Angels & Kings bar, 230 N. Michigan Ave., and...

Fresh Moves Delivers The Goods

By Brent Lewis

September 12, 2011

Fresh Moves is an organization that sells fresh produce to residents of the Austin and Lawndale neighborhoods that do not have the ability to reach fresh produce. These neighborhoods, known as food deserts, do not have big chain grocery stores or stores with fresh produce. Fresh Moves developed by community leaders are trying to get these residents to eat better in the hope that they can live better and develop better eating h...

The Cardboard Meteorite plans for Chicago debut at Goose Island Brewery

By Brian Dukerschein

September 6, 2011

Dan Goers, 27, couldn’t find a job in his field after graduating from Columbia in 2007 with a degree in radio. After working a number of sales jobs, he left the city to work at a radio station in Mendota, Ill., for a year. When he returned to Chicago, he reconnected with Dave Roby, 28, a friend from high school who introduced him to Jake Goodman, 30, and Ted Leonteos, 31. The four started playing music in Goodman’s bas...

“Crowd in a Barrel”

By Estefania Martinez

September 6, 2011

Even in a room full of taxpayers and city politicians, the point had trouble getting across.
The second of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's two scheduled town hall meetings last week, billed as a public forum on the forthcoming 2011 city budget, went much the same as the first—vented frustrations, complaints and the occasional congratulatory cheer—all moderated with a hint of disorder.
Emanuel fielded questions from the audie...

Fly to fitness with trapeze

By Marco Rosas

May 9, 2011

Trapeze School New York opened its fifth U.S. location at the Belmont Harbor in Chicago on May 1. Classes have up to 10 students and are open to the public until October. TSNY is located at 3158 Lakefront Trail at Belmont Harbor. The school is open every day from May through October.  The Chronicle's Assistant Health & Fitness Editor, Katy Nielsen, takes you to all the aerial action.Check class availability and information...

Chicago May Day Rally 2011

By Cristina Aguirre

May 7, 2011

Hundreds of people marched from Union Park to Daley Plaza for the traditional May Day rally, a protest march to support immigration reform. Many local organizations from the GLBT, Justice without Borders, the Immigrant Youth Justice League, Latinos Progresando,etc,. joined in on the rally. Photos by Armando Silva.

Columbia’s Biggest Mouth brings on the talent

By Cristina Aguirre

May 2, 2011

Columbia’s best musical talent took the stage at Metro, 3730 N. Clark St., on April 27 for the annual Biggest Mouth competition, organized by the Student Programming Board. Thirteen bands and performers took the stage, all vying for a cash prize and other rewards.Three judges declared the winner to be Carbon Tigers, a five-piece indie rock band. Along with the band’s $5,000 prize, they were awarded studio time at Rax Trax...

Ladies wrestle arm in arm

By Cristina Aguirre

April 25, 2011

Lady arm wrestlers dressed as bananas, strawberry shortcake and Abraham Lincoln strutted around a dimly lit bar playing up their wrestler personas and collecting money for charities while an arm wrestling battle took place on stage. It was a combination of improvisation and athleticism on April 15 at Joe’s Bar on Weed Street, 940 W. Weed St., which housed the Ninth Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers event, one of four ...

Manifest Preview 2011

By Cristina Aguirre

April 25, 2011

Columbia’s Office of Student Affairs, in coordination with the Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department, presented a sample of what student work will be showcased at Manifest 2011 on May 13. Four musical acts—three bands and a DJ—took the stage at the 1104 Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., with hopes of garnering excitement for Columbia’s annual urban arts festival. A class taught by Mecca Perry, who is associ...

Food Truck Summit raises awareness

By Cristina Aguirre

April 25, 2011

Rain and hail poured onto the tent, where hundreds of Chicagoans stood holding paper cups filled with meatballs, munching on cupcakes and standing in line for enchiladas, all of them there to support the growing food truck industry in the city. Despite the weather, by the end of the night, most of the food trucks sold out of their food.This was the scene at The Food Truck Summit held at Goose Island Beer, 1800 N. Clybourn Ave., on Apri...

How to: Throw a Frisbee

By Cristina Aguirre

April 18, 2011

Chicago's parks and beaches are starting to fill up with active twenty-something's, and one way to get in on the exciting action now is to learn how to throw and catch a Frisbee. Wesley Jerden, Columbia Renegades' ultimate frisbee captain shows us a few ways on how to throw a frisbee. The Chronicle's Assistant Health & Fitness Editor Katy Nielsen presents us a "How-to."

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