The Columbia Chronicle

College responds to security malfunction

By Tyler Eagle

March 13, 2013

PANIC STRUCK THE campus March 5, causing students, faculty and staff to hide under desks, some sending out concerned tweets and texts to their loved ones, all because of a false alarm. At approximately 11:30 a.m., AlertWave, the college’s mass-notification system, malfunctioned and announced there was a violent intruder on campus instead of sending a weather advisory about the college closing at 3 p.m. because of a snows...

Birth control battle

By Emily Fasold

April 23, 2012

While the first wave of feminism in the early 20th century was aimed at gaining the right to vote, the current generation of American women has struggled to achieve full insurance coverage for pregnancy, birth control, emergency contraception and other women’s health care issues. Up until now, that is.After fierce negotiation, President Barack Obama’s administration and the Department of Health and Human Services announ...

Ultrasound abortion law serves agenda, not women

By Gabrielle Rosas

January 30, 2012

As a young woman, I understand the fear of having a child too early in life. I’m not yet prepared to give up my life in order to raise another. College, jobs, friends, family and my future financial security trump any minute desire to have babies. And trust me, it’s minute.Thankfully, I’ve never had a pregnancy scare with ex-boyfriends nor have any of my close friends. But we all talk about it in hypothetical terms. ...

Comparing women’s health services: College campuses around Chicago offer varying degrees of health services to women

By Lindsey Woods

December 12, 2011

Students looking at colleges generally consider lengthy lists of criteria they want their prospective school to have, including how well schools accommodate their students. One criterion that may be hard to find is what kind of medical care students have access to and how much that care costs. For women in particular, this may include annual gynecological exams, pregnancy testing and access to birth control and emergency c...

Manning’s courage rewarded with degradation, abuse

By Luke Wilusz

March 28, 2011

The treatment of accused WikiLeaks source U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning during his detention is appalling. Manning was detained for seven months without being convicted of any crime, first in a military prison in Kuwait and, more recently, at the U.S. Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va. Despite his history of good behavior as a detainee—Manning has yet to exhibit any violent behavior or disciplinary problems—he is regarded as a ...

Abortion debate still unresolved

By Stephanie Saviola

February 8, 2010

The state of Illinois has filed a motion to dismiss a case pitting an anti-abortion group against the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois in a dispute over a parental notification law.In November 2009, a Cook County Circuit Court judge placed a temporary restraining order on a law that requires minors to notify their parents before seeking an abortion. The restraining order came as a result of the lifting of an injuctio...

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