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College finds ‘Niche’ with diversity ranking

College finds ‘Niche’ with diversity ranking

January 26, 2015

In early January, Niche, a website that provides reviews and expert insight about schools and other organizations, released a ranking of colleges based on their excellence in campus-wide diversity, and Co...

LeAlan Jones Educates the Information Generation | The Columbia Chronicle

October 27, 2014

First year seminar students expected the visiting author of “Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago” LeAlan Jones, to speak about his book. Instead, he leaves that topic behind an...

Brianna Planter

Featured Athlete: Brianna Planter

October 27, 2014

Brianna Planter, a junior dance major, taught herself how to dance at age 9. Now in college, she is the new choreographer of the Poms, Columbia’s dance team.Planter said she first found her competiti...


Appetite-controlling hunger neuron influences white fat ‘browning’

October 20, 2014

Standing outside in frigid temperatures is one way to access the type of fat in the human body that generates heat to help protect itself from the cold. While it has been known for some time that white ...

All numbers for league dues provided by Renegades team captains.

Not all funds and games

October 6, 2014

Despite the college allocating $8,000 to the Renegades for its yearly budget, student athletes still have to pay large fees out-of-pocket to keep the teams operating. The tennis, baseball and volleyball te...


Freetember art classes hope to leave a mark on Chicago

September 8, 2014

The International School of Comics is offering free art classes throughout the month of September as part of a campaign called Freetember.The idea for the  event was born from multiple sources, but a...

Stitching together artistic past, present

The artists featured in DePaul’s Art Museum exhibit “From Heart to Hand” exhibit are African-American women working in Gee’s Bend, Ala. The quilts, including Mary Maxiton’s “Everybody Quilt” (pictured above) celebrate a historically rich cultural practice.

By Sarah Madera

April 28, 2014

African-American women made quilts to keep their families warm long before the Civil War, but now the quilts demonstrate a cultural artistry unique to the South. To honor the historical significance o...

Quality is key

Ihmoud's Moods

By Media Relations Editor

April 14, 2014

Life is too short to force people into limited lifestyles. A one way in, one way out policy—like the one proposed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver—is unfair because each individual player has his or her...

Supreme Court decision puts politics up for sale

April 14, 2014

Tracking money in politics has become increasingly difficult, not only because of the sheer volume of donations, but also because many of them are channeled through 527 committees or “charitable” organizations that lack any campaign contribution limits. In the 2012 election, billions of dollars flowed to candidates’ arsenals from both partisan corporate groups and individuals, significantly influencing local and natio...

Student complaint system needs revision

April 7, 2014

When a student has a personal disagreement with a professor, the two should ideally sort it out themselves —however, that does not always happen. As reported March 31 by The Chronicle, such was the case when a student complained last semester about Humanities, History & Social Sciences professor Iymen Chehade’s “The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict” class.The student, who considered content of Chehade’s class biased, compla...

Keeping sick workers off feet, not clock

By Metro Editor

March 17, 2014

Going to work ill to avoid losing pay may soon be a distant memory for private sector employees thanks to a proposed ordinance that would require employers to provide paid sick leave.The proposal, introduced to the City Council March 5 by Aldermen Proco Joe Moreno (1st Ward) and Toni Foulkes (15th Ward), would require employers to provide full-time workers with one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked starting ...

Limiting politics gags colleges

March 10, 2014

After the 2012 presidential election, when mysterious nonprofits handed out billions in campaign funding, the federal government crafted new ways to control the political activities of tax-exempt organizations.The latest plan, proposed in November, extends to nonprofit colleges, prohibiting them from engaging students in any political activity, such as hosting a politician or holding a voting rally.While regulating nonprofits is ...

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