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Head Over Heels: Feminist but feminine: Karl Lagerfeld sends the wrong message during Paris fashion week

By Managing Editor

October 6, 2014

Chanel’s rather masculine and colorful Spring–Summer 2015 women’s ready-to-wear clothing line was not the only thing to grab the attention of critics and Paris Fashion Week attendees on Sept 30.Toward the end of the show, a few models, including Kendall Jenner, strutted down a dashing Parisian boulevard-inspired runway under the towering roof of the Grand Palais.Silence consumed the entire venue as shouts and cheers eru...

HeForShe seeks joint effort for gender equality

By Kyra Senese Managing Editor

September 29, 2014

Emma Watson, the famous actress-turned United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, made headlines last week when she called on men to join the fight for gender equality on Sept. 20 at the UN Headquarters in New York City.Watson spoke on behalf of the HeForShe campaign, an international movement that aims to unite both genders to achieve gender equality worldwide, according to the campaign website.“We want to end gender in...

Fund minority community colleges

April 21, 2014

Since 1991, minority enrollment in higher education has risen among all races and ethnicities. President Barack Obama’s support for minority-serving institutions, or MSIs, has been steady despite increasing costs. However, backing from the government needs to further extend to community colleges to better serve minority students.Approximately 45 percent of minority students attend two-year community colleges, which are more affordable bu...

Jeff Spitz, assistant professor in the Cinema Art + Science Department, co-produced the documentary “Food Patriots” about the importance of growing and eating local, organic food. 

Food movement sparked by professor

March 10, 2014

What started as an illegal but harmless chicken farm in a Columbia professor’s backyard is now a Chipotle-sponsored documentary about where food comes from. “Food Patriots,” produced by Groundswell Educational Films—a nonprofit production company co-founded by Jeff Spitz, a...

Editor’s note: U of A made the right choice

By Heather Scroering

October 22, 2012

I’ve been to my fair share of frat parties and have always been both fascinated and perplexed with Greek life. Being inside a fraternity is risky business, like a menagerie or  cesspool of potential Darwin Award winners.I’m inclined to believe that being in a fraternity probably makes you an asshole—the kind who might creatively funnel beer, not unlike the frat boys at the University of Tennessee who crafted efficient appar...

Minority voters could impact 2012 election

By Kaley Fowler

October 15, 2012

The minority population could have a majority impact in determining the winner of the 2012 presidential election.According to Sarah Massey, spokeswoman for the nonpartisan voter advocacy website, the vote of minority citizens in swing states could potentially turn the tide of the popular vote despite the electorate’s predominately white make up.“In certain states like Ohio or New Mexico, which are considered ...

Radio conference connects students

By Alexandra Kukulka

October 8, 2012

Despite last year’s difficult prioritization process, the Radio Department, which President Warrick L. Carter recommended for “combine/restructure resources,” is booming with activity.The 2012 Midwest Regional High School and College Radio Conference, hosted by the Radio Department Sept. 29 in the 33 E. Congress Parkway Building, brought together panels of alumni, teachers and industry professionals to speak to col...

Women are scientists too

By Heather Scroering

October 1, 2012

More often than not, I find myself saying, “What the hell? It’s 2012,” when I hear some Ann Romney-esque statement hindering the progress of women. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes right now, thinking, “Great, another feminist argument.” But seriously, it’s 2012, and sorry I’m not sorry for being women-friendly.However, I am sorry to hear that women are underrepresented in one of the most important industries in ex...

Top highlights of 2011–2012

By Heather Scroering

April 30, 2012

Blueprint prioritization process:The yearlong prioritization process, which the college implemented last June to re-allocate funds and evaluate the strength of every academic and business program within the college, has been the talk of the campus all year. Two committees of faculty and staff members­—one focusing on academics, the other on business—were created to guide the process. No program escaped scrutiny, as each ...

Gloria Steinem visits Columbia

By Heather Scroering

February 13, 2012

Gloria Steinem, the legendary feminist icon from the Women’s Liberation Movement, has been making history since the 1960s, whether campaigning for the Equal Rights Amendment or advocating for animal rights. As she appeared on the stage of Columbia’s Film Row Cinema in the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., the seats of chairs began flipping upward one after another as both women and men in the audience rose to greet the...

Women should “man up” in the workplace to keep up with male co-workers

By Gabrielle Rosas

February 6, 2012

My father is the most successful man I know. He is one of the top executives in the multi-million dollar environmental consulting field. He’s 51 years old and works out religiously at the gym every day of the week. He has always seemed so much more confident and wealthy than I could ever hope to be. But he always pushed me, sometimes to the point of anger. When I was little, he used to ask me, “Gabs, are you a man or a ...

The F Word Makes a Comeback

By Dannis Valera

October 10, 2011

The F Word is Columbia’s only feminist student organization on campus and, despite almost not being around this semester, has a lot of exciting things planned for this semester. Two goals that this two-year-old org has is to create a community to raise awareness of the feminism movement and to define what feminism is and isn’t.Everybody is welcome to come to The F Word’s meetings. Their next meeting will be on Monday, October 17,...

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