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Jeffrey Barbieri, nonfiction graduate assistant and graduate student instructor, and Rebecca Khera, English and Creative Writing Department graduate assistant and graduate student instructor, share concerns over the program's pay change.

Graduate assistants feel ‘blindsided’ over change in pay

September 23, 2019

Five days prior to the start of the Fall 2019 semester, graduate assistants received an unexpected notice of a change in their pay. At a department meeting held in Spring 2019, graduate assistants ...

Ride-share drivers protest City Hall for higher wages

Ride-share drivers protest City Hall for higher wages

May 9, 2019

About 50 Chicago-area ride-share drivers for Uber, Lyft and other companies picketed outside of City Hall demanding higher wages, better security for drivers and more efficient communication from their bosse...

The cyclin A2 gene may aid in heart tissue regeneration post-heart attack

Heart failure meets its match

March 3, 2014

Heart attack survivors may be able to better ward off heart failure with a new development in heart attack recovery treatment.According to a study published Feb. 19 in Science Translational Medicine, a pig...

Bonus system could bridge college income gap

March 3, 2014

As college faculty unions fight for realistic living wages, national attention has shifted to the income disparity found at universities. To address the growing gap between administrative salaries and faculty wages, the faculty union at St. Mary’s College of Maryland has proposed limiting the salary of the college president to no more than 10 times that of the lowest-paid staff member.The concept of tying staff and adminis...

Being ‘welcoming’ requires more than an ordinance

By Editorial Board

September 24, 2012

The Chicago City Council passed the aptly titled “Welcoming City Ordinance” on Sept. 13 to make the city friendlier for undocumented immigrants. The ordinance stops police officers from holding undocumented immigrants for immigration authorities in most circumstances. The city is not actively protecting undocumented immigrants, but resources willnot be used for the purpose of detaining and deporting. This is a step in t...

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