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College publishes first marketing journal

By Shardae Smith

October 25, 2010

The college’s Marketing Communication Department recently published its first edition of “The Journal of Need and Want,” a look at life in the consumer world through a collection of short stories, journal entries, poems and letters submitted by Columbia students, faculty, staffand alumni.As a child, Margaret Sullivan, chair of the Marketing Communication Department, knew advertisers wouldn’t get far if they didn’t l...

The Tea Party needs to get behind Financial Reform Bill

By Cody Prentiss

May 10, 2010

The Tea Party movement has been accused of being a collection of ignorant citizens convinced the government is out to get them. However, many who consider themselves a member of the disparate movement with legitimate political stances would disagree with that negative perception portrayed by the media.An April 14 New York Times/CBS poll found a majority of Tea Partiers felt their party’s main concern was their financial futu...

Tea Party needs solid foundation

By Editorial Board

April 19, 2010

It’s become common to see protesters waving signs and chanting clever phrases on streets and sidewalks, trying to raise awareness for a cause they feel has been overlooked. However, a group of protesters is getting more media attention than many other demonstrators in the past—the Tea Party.Perhaps the Tea Party is receiving a large amount of attention because of its political message or continuous growth, or it might b...

Protestors talk more than taxes

By Stephanie Saviola

April 19, 2010

On tax day, thousands of Tea Party protesters packed Daley Plaza shouting anti-government slogans and toting signs with phrases such as “tax is theft” and “taxes kill jobs.” Some even showed up in costume—one woman dressed as “Wonder Woman”—and several children in the crowd took part. One carried a sign that read: “Leave my piggy bank alone.”The new political movement, which had rallies throughout the count...

Tea Party Patriots hold rally against health reform

By mlekovic

September 21, 2009

Timing their rally to coincide with a far larger Tea Party Express demonstration in Washington, D.C., some 200 members of the Tea Party Patriots group gathered in Chicago’s Millennium Park on Sept. 12 to protest President Barack Obama’s health care reform initiative and what they see as the threat of big government.Waving picket signs, the Millennium Park activists sounded the same themes that have characterized a season of...

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