Tea Party needs solid foundation

By Editorial Board

It’s become common to see protesters waving signs and chanting clever phrases on streets and sidewalks, trying to raise awareness for a cause they feel has been overlooked. However, a group of protesters is getting more media attention than many other demonstrators in the past—the Tea Party.

Perhaps the Tea Party is receiving a large amount of attention because of its political message or continuous growth, or it might be because protesting is traditionally thought of as a left-wing tactic with a few exceptions, including the right-wing’s persistent anti-abortion rallies.

Either way, the Tea Party has gained a lot of press, having staged many nationwide protests pertaining to issues such as health care and hosted a string of nationwide tax day demonstrations.

The Tea Party is composed of voters who feel misrepresented by the Democratic and Republican parties. People who disagree with the typical two-party system benefit the overall political spectrum by creating competition between parties and giving voters more options.

There have also been other, lesser-known parties forming for similar reasons, including the Coffee Party and the resurrected Whig Party. However, tea partiers have gained the most notice with Sarah Palin as one of its major political figures.

In recent interviews, some Tea Party members have been scrutinized for not recognizing the party’s major initiatives and real reasons for protesting.

According to TeaPartyPatriots.org, the party’s mission is “to attract, educate, organize and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets.”

In order for the Tea Party to remain prominent in the news and continue getting support from converted political members, the party must create a solid platform that gives answers to the issues they have continually protested against.

While the Tea Party may bring awareness to overlooked or ignored subjects by demonstrating and gaining media attention, without problem solving the major issues facing the U.S., the party is doing just as much of a disservice as the existing parties they protest.