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Five local journalists win Studs award

Five local journalists win Studs award

March 10, 2014

Community Media Workshop, a nonprofit organization at Columbia that advocates for community journalism, presented four journalists with Studs Terkel scholarships March 6 at the Studs Terkel Media Awards Benefit. The annual recipients are chosen by 8–12 committee membe...

David W. Berner's memoir titled

5,000 mile journey leads to book of the year award

February 3, 2014

Columbia’s faculty continues to gain accolades as one of its members recently received a Book of the Year award in the category of nontraditionally published nonfiction from the Chicago Writers Association. David Berner, associate professor in the Radio Department, received t...

After all duos performed, a singer entertained the audience while they voted on which teams were their favorite.

Under The Gun Theater’s first shot

January 27, 2014

Quick-witted and spontaneous improvisers are allowed only five minutes to win over their audience and move on to the next round of Under The Gun Theater’s first annual Improv Classic. The tournament-st...

Meet the 2012 honorary degree recipients

By Alexandra Kukulka

April 16, 2012

There are some celebrities, like Lady Gaga, whom everyone knows about. But there are also many people who do great things but less are familiar, such as the 2012 honorary degree recipients.As reported by The Chronicle on April 9, President Warrick L. Carter sent out an email April 2 announcing the 2012 Honorary Degree Recipients.  An honorary degree is given to an invidual whose life work embodies Columbia's mission. The foll...

2012 Honorary Degree Recipients

By Alexandra Kukulka

April 9, 2012

High school graduations are usually held in sticky auditoriums overflowing with people listening to teachers and students make speeches. The excitement of graduating from college is not only getting out into the real world but also hearing commencement speakers who are usually well-known in their fields.In an email sent April 2, President Warrick L. Carter announced Columbia’s 2012 Honorary Degree Recipients, who will spe...

World focus at home

By Samuel Charles

February 20, 2012

If you haven’t seen “The Interrupters” yet, change that as soon as possible. It’s a beautiful documentary by Steve James, the director of “Hoop Dreams,” and Alex Kotlowitz, author of “There Are No Children Here,” which examined the epidemic of violence in different communities on Chicago’s South and West sides.The film has exploded in popularity since its premiere at the Gene Siskel Film Center last year and ...

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