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Student uses music to spread peace

Jessica Disu, a senior business & entrepreneurship major, has expanded her single “Still Believe, Yeah” into a tour to promote positive change in Chicago Public Schools and throughout the city.

By Katlyn Tolly

March 30, 2015

Using a passion for music as a tool to promote positive change, Jessica Disu, a junior business & entrepreneurship major, kicked off her “Still Believe” tour March 20 in Chicago Public Schools to p...

College experiences administrative shake-up

Administrative Changes

By Campus Editor

January 26, 2015

The college experienced a stream of employment changes at the administrative level while students and staff were away from campus during winter break.Susan Marcus, associate vice president of Academic ...

‘STEM’ disparity has early origin

Portrait of Marie Curie in her laboratory

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor

December 1, 2014

The gap between the sexes in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics has narrowed considerably since the 1970s. Although that disparity has been addressed in certain respects, the root ...

President Kim launches joint faculty, staff town hall meetings

President Kim launches joint faculty, staff town hall meetings

October 27, 2014

Throughout President Kwang-Wu Kim’s first year in office at the college, he placed a heavy emphasis on building relationships with students. This year, to bring more representation to Columbia’s faculty and staff, Kim is implementing faculty and staff meetings to hea...

Crime reports reveal increase in theft

Crime reports reveal increase in theft

October 13, 2014

An outbreak of thefts is plaguing Columbia’s campus, resulting in stolen backpacks, phones, wallets, a laptop and a bicycle. In an Oct. 3 email to the college community, the Office of Campus Safety & Security warned students that there has been an increase in thefts occu...

The Hubbard Street Dance Center in Chicago has been conducting adaptive dance classes since 2007 with the Parkinson’s Project, which was designed to ease symptoms of the disease and provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to dance. Above, Parkinson’s Project founder Sarah Cullen Fuller instructs a class of elderly students. 

Dance studio launches new programs for students with disabilities

April 28, 2014

A Chicago dance studio is pioneering new techniques to give children with disabilities a new outlet for expression. Hubbard Street Dance Center, 1147 W. Jackson Blvd., announced April 16 the addition of...

NFL should consider drug’s benefits

By Editor-in-Chief

April 21, 2014

The non-football buzz around Super Bowl XLVIII was not so much about the halftime show as it was about coming up with the funniest weed-inspired name for the matchup featuring teams from states that have legalized recreational marijuana, but the game spurred more than just jokes—a growing number of voices are now calling for the NFL to lift its weed ban.Under the current NFL collective bargaining agreement, players are p...

Meet Columbia’s safety specialist

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 12, 2012

As Columbia’s campus continues to expand, a newly created position in the Office of Campus Safety & Security has been filled.Susan Rizer is the college’s new environmental health and safety coordinator, a job created just for her. She has been charged with carrying out the College Safety Plan, which requires her to visit each department and conduct safety assessments, to discover what safety hazards are present.Acco...

Missing student, faculty member found

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 5, 2012

When members of the Columbia community go missing, the college aids in the search to find them.Recent efforts focused on professor emeritus Bernard Wideroe of the Art & Design Department, reported missing Oct. 8, and DeLontay Cooper, a freshman fashion studies major, reported missing Oct. 23.Both have been found, according to Robert Koverman, associate vice president of Safety & Security. However, Wideroe, 74, died from ...

Report: Alcohol violations increase

By Ivana Hester

October 15, 2012

Columbia’s campus saw a 23 percent increase in crime overall for the year of 2011, according to the most recent campus crime report.While the 2012 Annual Crime Statistics & Fire Safety Report, released Oct. 1, showed a small increase in areas such as motor vehicle theft, most of the increase can be attributed to liquor law violations in student residence centers.“The issue is not for us to find these individuals who...

Crime at, around Columbia prevalent despite security office’s reassurances

By Samuel Charles

January 31, 2011

Columbia’s Office of Campus Safety and Security only minimally adheres to the Jeanne Clery Act, a federal law that requires all higher education institutions participating in federal aid programs to disclose certain pieces of information regarding campus crime.Between Aug. 29 and Dec. 31, 2010, there were 41 thefts on campus property reported to security, an average of one theft every three days. But none of the seven C...

Fire damages school buildings

By Katy Nielsen

September 13, 2010

An early morning fire at 1326 S. Michigan Ave. caused the cancellation of numerous Columbia classes Sept. 7 through Sept. 10. However, quick action by a restoration company made it possible for classes to resume on Sept. 13.The fire did not reach Columbia property, but smoke consumed the entire block and infiltrated the Dance Center, 1306 S. Michigan Ave., and the Sherwood Conservatory of Music, 1312 S. Michigan Ave.Last week Co...

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