The Columbia Chronicle

4,000 Iraq war-stricken voices heard in exhibit

By Alex Stedman

November 5, 2012

As those dealing with the tragedies of the Iraq war find ways to express their distress, one Chicago artist took the initiative to turn the emotions of more than 4,000 people into art.Jennifer Karmin, an artist, poet and adjunct faculty member in the English Department, has written a poem titled “4000 Words 4000 Dead,” a four-year project composed of submissions from soldiers, veterans and civilians. She has performed the pie...

Federal bill could help low-income students

By Editorial Board

April 2, 2012

Student debt has been a hot topic on the 2012 presidential campaign trail. Millions of college graduates in the U.S. are leaving school with thousands of dollars in debt and minimal job prospects. President Barack Obama tried to alleviate the student debt crisis when Congress passed his student loan plan, part of his administration’s “We Can’t Wait” initiative.Another Senate bill, aptly named the American Dream Acco...

Exhibit leads to soap opera based on MCA

By Brianna Wellen

February 28, 2011

In a typical museum, art hangs on stagnant walls, and a barrier surrounds the piece so museum-goers don’t disturb the work. Visitors silently stroll through the exhibits, careful to avoid disrupting anyone else’s experience with the art. However, a local show now encourages interaction between audience members and art by pulling visitors right into the pieces.As a companion of the ongoing exhibit “Without You I’m Nothing:...

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