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Bike racks see little use

By Contributing Writer

October 10, 2011

by  Sam Bohne, Contributing WriterColumbia’s new and much-hyped bicycle parking lot at 754 S. Wabash Ave. is getting little use, as shown by random checks of the lot.On Oct. 3, the number of bicycles parked in the lot—which is intended to provide added bicycle storage space and security—ranged from one bicycle at approximately 8 a.m., five bikes at noon and eight at 3:30 p.m. Numbers throughout the rest of the week staye...

International student body reaches 200

By Heather Scroering

September 26, 2011

Columbia’s international student body has reached a new high with approximately 20 new students coming in this semester from abroad.Last semester, the international student count was 186. This semester, it’s 209, according to Gigi Posejpal, director of International Student Affairs.“They are able to explore [at Columbia],” Posejpal said. “They’re able to approach individuals to ask questions and find people who are willi...

Construction projects presented in Columbia buildings

By Lisa Schulz

September 6, 2011

As construction workers rushed about along the 33 E. Congress Parkway Building—drilling, pounding and shouting to complete its facade restoration before winter arrives—Columbia made plans for even bigger projects.A $12.6 million budget for 2012 was approved on Aug. 31 by the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Campus Environment Board. The design for a facade replacement on the 618 S. Michigan Ave. Buildi...

Big East Powerhouse

By Etheria Modacure

January 31, 2011

The NCAA Women’s Final Four will be held in Indianapolis, and one program looks to make the short trip from Chicago to the Conseco Fieldhouse. The DePaul University women’s basketball team has been winning games with an aggressive playing style on both sides of the basketball court and may be one of the select four teams playing for a championship in April.The Blue Demons are off to one their best starts in program histo...

Just like Magick

By Brianna Wellen

December 6, 2010

Mixing music with theatrics, Chicagoan Jason Magicks, 26, doesn’t adhere to the typical makeup of a band. With his solo project, Magicks, he didn’t want to sacrifice musical layers because of a lack of bandmates. Instead, he mixes electronic and disc jockey equipment with acoustic guitars, basses and microphones to create a new sound.Coming off the October release of his self-produced album “Maya,” Magicks is working to incorporate...

Faculty reacts to college’s decisions

By Shardae Smith

December 6, 2010

Columbia’s College Council held its final meeting of the fall semester on Dec. 3 to discuss topics such as the college’s recent purchase of the Johnson Publishing building and a proposal for a new academic degree.The meeting took place at the 1104 Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., and was opened by Theater Department Chair and Council President John Greene. Opening statements were made by Mark Kelly, vice president of Academic Af...

Still waiting on Student Center…

By SpencerRoush

November 22, 2010

Columbia isn’t like any other four-year institution. It doesn’t have a mascot, identifiable school colors or a plethora of sorority and fraternity houses whose members throw totally awesome weekly foam parties like every other Greek system at a typical college campus.While some students are wading waist-deep in foam drinking a 40 ounce beer in some frat house basement, Columbia students are most likely drinking beer at a local dive bar, discussing how much they appreciate not being invol...

Do you hang with big eaters?

By J_Howard

November 15, 2010

Obesity has been epidemic in the United States for years. Recent statistics show obesity rates continue to rise even with fitnesspromotions everywhere.According to a study published in the PLoS Computational Biology journal on Nov. 4, obesity rates will hit 42 percent of all Americans by 2050. Moreover, our susceptibility to obesity is influenced by people around us. The study examined individuals who were measured every ...

Columbia plans for improvement

By CiaraShook

May 10, 2010

Columbia has enrolled students since the late 19th century, when most of the campus’s buildings were built. While the college continues to age, the Office of Campus Environment and the Office of Facilities and Operations works to preserve buildings that accommodate students, faculty and staff while maintaining their historical prestige.Columbia is teaming with Gensler Architects this summer for exterior restorations of the South Campus Bui...

Council closes 2009-2010 year

By CiaraShook

May 10, 2010

The College Council meeting on May 7 was the last of the 2009-2010 academic year. Committees gave concluding reports and a new executive board was elected to the council.Beyond hearing from reports of administrative officers and standing committees, the 2009-2010 council was adjourned and the 2010-2011 council elected next year’s executive committee and officers. Though this year’s council was on its way out, there was sti...

A line between expression, destruction

By CiaraShook

April 12, 2010

The Office of Campus Environment teamed with Columbia’s Student Government Association to launch a campaign to stamp out vandalism on campus.The campaign intends to bring the amount of money the college spends each year on vandalism repairs to students’ attention.According to Alicia Berg, vice president of Campus Environment, Columbia spent more than $645,000 repairing vandalism damage during the 2008-2009 academic year, which ...

On top of it all

By BenitaZepeda

November 30, 2009

Salaries for Columbia’s top 10 highest paid administrators increased slightly during the 2007 - 2008 academic year. The increase occurred just one year before Columbia faced its first-ever decreased enrollment numbers and a funding level that fell short of the projected budget amidst a daunting economic climate.In an annual survey conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Columbia’s President Warrick L. Carter has fal...

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