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President Kwang-Wu Kim addresses students and faculty during his April 8 State of the College address.    

Presidential address foreshadows profound changes

April 14, 2014

Columbia is making a dent in its financial deficit, which reached $3.5 million in the 2013–2014 fiscal year. “We are inching toward zero with the good will and participation from pe...

Talent Pool buckles up and buttons down

Talent Pool buckles up and buttons down

April 14, 2014

An improved version of Columbia’s Talent Pool website launched April 2 with a revamped interface. Talent Pool, a website created by the Portfolio Center in 2010, is a platform used to flaunt students’ work and lure prospective collaborators, according to Dirk Matthews, inter...

The Chicago Sky finished first in their conference last season. The team's first home game is May 16.

New WNBA contract aims to keep players in the U.S.

March 17, 2014

The WNBA and the Players Association signed a collective bargaining agreement March 7 that allows teams to expand their rosters from 11 players to 12 and offers cash incentives for players to stay in the...

Story Week Preview

Story Week embraces diverse narratives

March 10, 2014

Columbia is starting a new chapter with its 18th installment of the Story Week Festival of Writers, an annual citywide event that highlights emerging and established writers. This year’s theme is DiverCity: Urban Stories. The free festival, which will take place around the city f...

Art of storytelling

By Alexandra Kukulka

October 29, 2012

He claps, snaps, hits his chest and widens his eyes, and the crowd bursts into laughter. He goes on with his story, unfazed by the sudden response from the audience.This was a scene from the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Lecture series featuring Peter Cook, a performance artist who is also an associate professor in the ASL–English Interpretation Department.During his Oct. 25 presentation, “Performance N...

Instructor talks about new book, future plans

By The Columbia Chronicle

October 22, 2012

by Jack Reese, Copy EditorAdam McOmber, an adjunct faculty member in the English Department, has always had a passion for literature. He published a book of short stories, “This New & Poisonous Air,” in June 2011, and is also the managing editor of Hotel Amerika, the department’s literary magazine. Like most writers, he juggles numerous jobs but retains his expert passion for the strange and morbid.McOmber’s d...

Fictional heroes have real life application

By Contributing Writer

October 8, 2012

by Joshua D. LindseyContributing WriterWhile it is highly unlikely that a normal human will someday obtain the powers of flight, super speed or heat vision, recent research indicates something real may be passed from fictional super heroes to everyday people.A recent study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and conducted at the University at Buffalo, suggests that men who personally identify with s...

Two Columbia students create video game with positive message

By Ivana Hester

October 8, 2012

Video games are sometimes criticized for obscene or vulgar content, but two Columbia students have created a socially conscious game that encourages players to step outside their comfort zone—literally.“A Fitting” is an interactive video game meant to parallel the real life challenges of people who struggle with societal acceptance, according to creators, Amanda Dittami, interactive arts & media alumna, and Blair Kuhlman, senior IAM major.Dittami ...

Student wins illustration prize

By Senah Yeboah-Sampong

October 1, 2012

During her sophomore year in high school, Rhiannon Taylor began her career as a visual artist and experimented with writing. Her talent was recognized in March when she placed first in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest for her painting. The contest was founded by Hubbard, a bestselling science fiction author and founder of the Church of Scientology, for aspiring professionals to build connections...

Housing deception

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 24, 2012

Even As the housing market slowly revives throughout the country, Chicago’s publicly funded housing developments continue to struggle. Members of the city’s public housing community came together to speak out against the Chicago Housing Authority’s redevelopment  plan at a Sept. 12 board meeting at CHA headquarters, 60 E. Van Buren St.The Far South Side housing complex Altgeld Gardens has become a shell of its former se...

Chicago teachers take to streets

By James Foster

September 13, 2012

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike Sept. 10 for the first time in 25 years. The week leading up to Sept. 9's negotiation deadline brought rallies around the city in support of the union's demands. This week, teachers and their allies have been picketing in front of schools and participating in marches through downtown streets.[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="t...

Union Station renovates to increase passenger capacity

By Mark Minton

September 10, 2012

Station since 1984 and has a sort of landlord-tenant relationship with Metra, the largest commuter train company in Chicago.Amtrak has already relocated several of its offices to a newly renovated building attached to the station. It is working to market the available spaces surrounding the Great Hall, Union Station’s historic waiting room, and more of the unused office spaces in the adjacent eight-story building.Accord...

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