Thank you, Chronicle: It’s been real


Kevin Tiongson

Thank you, Chronicle: It’s been real

By Samantha Conrad

So many Chronicle employees say the reason they came to Columbia was to work at The Chronicle. I can’t say that was the reason I came to this school. In fact, I can’t even say I knew this school had a student newspaper until my second year here. What I can say is that working here has taught me so much about myself.

Working at The Chronicle taught me that graphic design will always be one of my passions. It taught me the power of print and the power of holding something you created in your own hands. It taught me I probably never want to work in newspaper design, but I am more than happy I did. It taught me reporters are actual superheroes, and Ariana Portalatin, specifically, is the biggest bada– I’ve ever met; it was such a pleasure having her as my editor-in-chief.

The Chronicle is a place of learning and growing, and although a large part of me doesn’t want to go, my intuition tells me I am ready. Throughout the past year and a half I have worked here, I have learned a lot. I learned a new level of proficiency in programs, worked with amazingly talented colleagues to bring their stories to life and acquired leadership qualities that helped me in the role of creative director. I have learned what I needed to in this setting, and it’s time to move forward in a new direction.

One of my favorite things I got to work on was the redesign and rebranding of this paper. I worked with the management team over the summer to create new colors, a new logo and new design guidelines. If you didn’t notice, I forgive you, but you should look closer. Bringing my ideas to life was incredible, the way I am sure the rest of the staff feels about each story, graphic or photo they create.

Producing the paper each week was always a rollercoaster with plenty of ups and downs and tears of joy and anxiety, but it was always worth it once Monday morning came. I met some of my best friends here at The Chronicle—people I can’t imagine my life without. Mackenzie Crosson and Kevin Tiongson, you guys are my people.

The amount of talent in this place is incredible, and so many people are destined for absolute greatness. Managing the Graphics Desk this semester and watching them grow was such a pleasure. I will be rooting for each and every one of you from afar. 

The Photo Desk this year absolutely blew me away. Each of you are so talented in your craft, and I cannot wait to see what you go on to do. I learned just as much from the Visuals team as they hopefully learned from me. I also need to extend my thanks and gratitude to Chris Richert, the former general manager of student publications, for being not only the most incredible boss and friend, but the most incredible mentor and selfless human being I have had the pleasure of working with. He truly put his heart and soul into managing The Chronicle and pushed me to grow not only as a designer, but as a person.

Thank you to The Chronicle for being a constant in my life throughout the many struggles of these past four years. This past year was one of the hardest years of my life, filled with immense change, but I always knew I could come to The Chronicle to turn all of that into creative work. Next year is my year to continue my journey into yoga and wellness, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the world has to offer me. With a bittersweet goodbye, I have to say: It’s been real.