Head over heels: Alexander Wang pushes the seams with new denim line campaign

By Managing Editor

Fashion designer Alexander Wang debuted his new denim line, Denim X Alexander Wang, on Dec. 3 with naked and oiled-up German model Anna Ewers pictured lounging on a chair, wearing the jeans around her ankles and nothing else.

There must be a better way to advertise that a $295 pair of jeans is better than $50 American Eagle jeans that I already own. If  Wang’s first attempt at advertising the jeans does not convince me, which it clearly did not, there is a second and even more risque advertisement. Posted to the designer’s Instagram on Dec. 3 is a similar photo that depicts the jeans half way pulled up on the models oiled thighs with her hand between her legs as if she was touching herself.

The raunchy advertisements bring a couple of questions to mind, with the most important one being, “Why?”

Not only have jeans become a second choice to many women’s go-to bottoms—leggings—but the model is not even wearing the jeans properly. The pants bunch up around her ankles, barely giving a glimpse of the wash or any specific details  that would make the jeans different from other pairs. 

Wang is a one-of-a-kind designer and his clothing lines are always innovative and simple, which is why it is difficult to fathom why he chose to debut his denim line this way. However, his innovation and simplicity may just be the answer to the questions prompted by the raunchy advertisements. 

“Once you see it, you can’t stop thinking about it,” Wang told Women’s Wear Daily about the photos taken by photographer Steven Klein. “It’s not provocative just in terms of sexy, but provocative to provoke conversation.”

Maybe Wang is trying to bring jeans back. Think about it: Jeans were on top for a while until leggings became an acceptable form of pants for women to wear with virtually anything anywhere. Wang may be trying to make a statement with his advertisement by saying that jeans are in fact still sexy. 

Sadly, Wang’s attempt at providing fashion lovers with provocative   advertising is nothing new. Calvin Klein has been tapping into popular culture by using sex to sell jeans for years. Then again, maybe Wang is not striving to be different, but acknowledging that denim is basic, simple and nothing new, but at the same time showing that his average looking jeans will turn heads.

I may be overthinking Wang’s mission behind the photos, but today people are getting naked and posting the photos to the Internet for no apparent reason. To use nudity to motivate consumers into buying a $300 pair of jeans, there has to be something more than a model wearing a paycheck around her ankles. 

If you’re about that life, the denim is available for pre-order on AlexanderWang.com and will be sold in three different fits and washes beginning Dec. 8 at Wang’s New York City flagship store. I know it is Wang, but do not feel bad if the jeans end up on the floor. They started there anyway.