‘Ba-ba’ bopping to Haley Reinhart

Chicago-native and third place winner of American Idol season 10, Haley Reinhart, performed at Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Nov. 5 for her “What’s That Sound?” Tour.

By Kendrah Villiesse

Lincoln Hall was transported back in time to the ’60s Nov. 5, riding thepowerhouse vocals and sultry jazz melodies of Haley Reinhart. 

Reinhart was accompanied by two stellar opening acts from offbeat genres. Todd Kessler performed his latest record, About Memory, in its entirety to celebrate its Nov. 3 release, and the other opener was pop-funk band WaxWorks.

Lead singer Frank Valenzano exhilarated the crowd when he said, “We know it’s Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get funky!” With contagious energy and a little help from Haley’s sister, Angela Reinhart, the crowd moved with the funky beat. 

Performing various tracks from her debut 2012 album, Listen Up!, to her 2017 album, What’s That Sound?, Haley Reinhart frequently noted how her parents influenced her passion for music and was joined by them on stage for several songs. The crowd went wild as Reinhart’s dad shredded the electric guitar, and her mom filled the room with her angelic voice. 

She also performed her well-known cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” a crowd favorite.

Opening with the title track from 2016’s Better, Reinhart stepped onstage wearing a printed velvet kimono, black shorts, white go-go boots and cat eye sunglasses. With her voice echoing throughout the venue and a fog machine filling the air, Reinhart transported the audience to a ’60s club scene.

Expressing her love for Chicago and her fans, Reinhart noted how her latest album, What’s That Sound?, was influenced not only by ’60s pop but also by her parents.

“It is so cool to have Chicago roots and flavor embedded in this record,” Reinhart said.

Vamping with an array of colored feathered boas, Reinhart made the concert a unique experience, emphasizing her movements and even telling jokes between songs.

The show closed with “My Cake,” and the audience jammed out to solos by each band member before Reinhart hopped backstage and briefly poked her white go-go boot out from behind the red curtain before the encore.

For the encore, Reinhart brought her father back onstage and performed her rendition of “Oh Darling” by the Beatles, paying tribute to the song she used to audition for “American Idol” Season 10.

Reinhart put her heart and soul into each and every note. Even if you didn’t know every single lyric, it was impossible not to be moved by her performance. Reinhart’s incredible vocal range and ability to get a whole crowd snapping and scatting along with her sets her apart from other performers.