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President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim’s contract has been extended through the 2023-2024 school year, more than a year earlier than expected. 

President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim’s contract extended despite C-Fac allegations

November 18, 2018

In a unanimous decision, the Board of Trustees extended President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim’s contract to the end of the 2023-2024 academic year, more than a year earlier than expected and a week after C-Fac and OurColumbia called for his resignation.   Kim’s previous contract was ...

Chicago environmental activists called on McDonald's to boycott unsustainable meat suppliers Tyson and Cargill in a Nov. 13 Rally for Clean Water. 

Chicago, environmental activists not McLovin’ McDonald’s eco practices

November 17, 2018

Consumer and environmental rights activists and local restaurants want people to think twice before picking up their next Big Mac. During a Nov. 14 Rally for Clean Water, global environmental organiz...

Chicago-native and third place winner of American Idol season 10, Haley Reinhart, performed at Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Nov. 5 for her

‘Ba-ba’ bopping to Haley Reinhart

November 8, 2017

Lincoln Hall was transported back in time to the '60s Nov. 5, riding thepowerhouse vocals and sultry jazz melodies of Haley Reinhart. Reinhart was accompanied by two stellar opening acts from offbea...

City’s bright new idea raises pollution concerns

Light sources give off electromagnetic radiation of varying frequencies. When a light source gives off more energy, the color temperature is higher and the wavelength is shorter, resulting in a blue color. 

By Contributing Writer

May 2, 2016

Plans to replace 85 percent of Chicago’s high-pressure sodium street lamps with brighter LED lights promise increased energy efficiency, but residents and experts have expressed worries about the project’s...

Kweku Collins sets stage for aspiring Chicago rappers

Kweku Collins will release his first studio album Nat Love on April 8.

By Arts & Culture Reporter

February 22, 2016

Most 18-year-olds do not choose a career path right after high school. Some go to college or start working, but rapper Kweku Collins signed to independent Chicago hip-hop label Closed Sessions when he w...

Norton cannot save you now

By Office Assistant

April 20, 2015

Making a found-footage film is a surefire cheap way to scare the pants off of an audience and simultaneously irritate those of us who are sickened by the very notion of shaky-cam. “Unfriended” seeks to a...

Outside of downtown Beijing, students experience how heavy rush hour traffic contributes to pollution and smog. 

Students experience off-the-charts pollution in China

April 13, 2015

The industrial revolution brought an era of innovation and economic growth that ushered in technological comforts and conveniences. But the path to the modern Western World was not paved without sacrifices, n...

Brianne Bolin, an adjunct professor in the English Department, founded PrecariCorps, an organization that provides financial support to other adjunct professors across the country. Bolin was featured in the December issue of Elle magazine, in which she detailed her life as a financially struggling professor. 

Columbia prof starts support group for financially strapped adjuncts

April 6, 2015

As an adjunct professor in the English Department, Brianne Bolin makes $4,700 for every course she teaches per semester. The payment barely pays her monthly bills, leaving little money to grow her savin...

According to the American Lung Association, 19.4 million metric tons of nitrogen oxides are released into the air annually via manmade sources, such as burning fuels.

Utah air pollution linked to increased suicide risk

March 2, 2015

It has been well established that exposure to air pollution can contribute to a range of health concerns such as respiratory inflammation, cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment, especially in younge...

‘It’s like climbing up a f–kin’ mountain if you got on slippers’

By Managing Editor

April 28, 2014

A penis may not be the only thing the Wu-Tang clan has recently lost.After clan-affiliated emcee Andre Johnson lost his pee-pee to PCP and a kitchen knife, the crew announced that the long-awaited 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow, which was slated to come out in July, may not be released.Well, not in so many words. When the Wu released “Keep Watch,” the first single off their upcoming album, clan member Raekwon...

Improvements to suburban transit could boost

Improvements to suburban transit could boost economy

March 17, 2014

Plans to improve the transit system in a western suburb could draw more people to the city and encourage economic development.Melrose Park’s Broadway Avenue Corridor, located on Broadway Avenue from No...

Don’t nobody give a #%*^ about swearing

By Editor-in-Chief

February 17, 2014

My fascination with four-letter words and their variations began at age 3 with the words “fire truck.” I was just learning how to speak and my parents thought it was funny to make me say “fire truck.” Unable to enunciate, my garbled English made it sound like I was saying “f--k.” Adults thought it was hilarious and I loved the attention even though I had no idea why people were laughing.Much to my parents’ di...

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