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The show must go on: virtual Grant Park Music Festival amid pandemic

The show must go on: virtual Grant Park Music Festival amid pandemic

July 7, 2020

On a typical summer evening in Chicago before the coronavirus pandemic, people would be able to hear the virtuosity of the Grant Park Orchestra echoing from Millennium Park while walking along Michigan Avenue...

The release of Janet Blackwell's new EP,

‘Falling apart and falling into place,’ Janet Blackwell on releasing an EP during a pandemic

May 13, 2020

Janet Blackwell was all set to release her EP, "Énouement," in January. But then a global pandemic happened. Blackwell ended up pushing back the EP's release to April. The EP title is translat...

Review: Vundabar masters the art of variety in ‘Either Light’

Review: Vundabar masters the art of variety in ‘Either Light’

March 30, 2020

In the age of digitally produced music, some pop tracks on the radio can feel bland, formulaic or, worst of all, predictable. Indie-rock trio Vundabar’s latest album “Either Light”—released March 13...

Musicians and venues are hit hard by the coronavirus, but the music community is banding together

Musicians and venues are hit hard by the coronavirus, but the music community is banding together

March 23, 2020

The six-member Chicago-based rock group, Rookie, had never sold out a concert until they announced a release show for their self-titled album "Rookie." The big event was set for March 13, but due to con...

International Women's Day concert GLRZ WKND featured a showcase of upcoming female talent in Chicago.

GRLZ WKND concert celebrates female empowerment at Avondale Music Hall

March 22, 2020

After a successful EP release party last November with her friend and fellow musician Tmuny, King Inesse, a 20-year-old DJ and YouTuber from the North Side, knew she wanted to take it a step further...

Alexander Glantz, who goes by Alexander 23, opened for pop artist Chelsea Cutler at their sold-out show Tuesday, March 10.

Review: Alexander 23 steals the show

March 17, 2020

As a teenager growing up in Deerfield, Illinois, musician Alexander Glantz’s favorite music venue in Chicago was the Riviera Theatre. He dreamed of performing there but never had the chance—unt...

Grammy award-winning musician Isaiah Sharkey performs at a residency concert for Columbia's Music Department to share his journey with burgeoning artists through the artist-in-residence program.

Isaiah Sharkey delivers ‘magical’ performance in Columbia residency concert

March 4, 2020

In a dimly lit concert hall on the south end of Columbia's campus, 29-year-old musical virtuoso Isaiah Sharkey played his guitar for a packed room with passion and vigor. As a 4-year-old boy growing...

Bobbi Wilsyn, voice and choral ensemble coordinator, will “redesign” her career by focusing more on vocal performance when she retires from the college in May, after nearly 40 years as an educator.

Final bow: Bobbi Wilsyn, ‘heart’ of the Music Department, exits the Columbia stage

March 2, 2020

  Pointing to an array of framed photos along the walls of her office capturing faces of various Columbia faculty, Bobbi Wilsyn recalled the first time she had a hand in one of the college’s perf...

In the Booth: with alt-rock Columbia band SŌK

February 24, 2020

With its expansion of multimedia and Chicago-based music coverage, the Chronicle kicks-off its latest video series "In The Booth" with seasoned music reporters Managing Editor Kendall Polidori and Ph...

Ra Gordon is developing his craft at Peter Cottontale's studio in Logan Square.

This 17-year-old producer is cooking hits for big Chicago names

February 11, 2020

Ra Gordon, a 17-year-old producer, made a name for himself by posting leaked music on Instagram and YouTube from Playboi Carti and Pierre Bourne, bringing in more than a million views. But when peopl...

Indigo Finamore and Manae Hammond, of Chicago-based power duo Oux, fell in love when they became bandmates.

Close-knit queer DIY music scene serves as experimental space

February 6, 2020

Manae Hammond softly kissed Indigo Finamore’s shoulder, sitting inches away, gazing and smiling as she intently listened to Finamore describe the couple’s dynamic, not only in their relationship but...

Drummer and manager Bridget Stiebris credits the band’s quick success to their single “Holliday” landing on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist soon after it was released.

The Weekend Run Club takes a trip to the ‘Zoo’

February 1, 2020

Nearly three years ago, Christopher Bryant was selling electronics at Target when he met Joey Resko’s mom and sold her a cellphone. Soon after, Bryant and Resko became friends and began creating m...

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