Featured Athlete: Lauren Douglas

By Nader Ihmoud

Lauren Douglas

Age: 18

College/Team: Northwestern Wildcats

Lauren Douglas, a freshman forward for the Northwestern University Wildcats’ basketball team, has already obtained her first double-double and helped her team to a 2-0 start this season. She hails from Tennessee, where she played at Briarcrest Christian High School and led the Lady Saints to a shot at the state championship during her senior year. Douglas sat down with The Chronicle to discuss her successes, and the transition from high school to college sports and her interest in journalism.

The Chronicle: How does it feel to play Division I basketball now that you have two regular season games under your belt?

Lauren Douglas: It felt really great. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

Which was more nerve racking: playing in the state finals in high school or your first

college game?

Playing in the state finals because now [that] I’m here, I know that I have so many people who are older that will help me get through the tough situations. It was not like that in high school.

What was your role on your high school team?

My role was to do everything. Everyone on my team looked up to me. It was a lot of focusing on making sure I did the right things so [my teammates] could follow.

Is it different now that you’re at Northwestern?

Yes, it is. Now I spend a lot of time looking at the seniors [on

the team].

What does your team expect from you on any given night?

I think they expect me to play hard and follow the game plan, because if I play hard and do what they tell me to do, then we’re going to be successful.

Do you have any particularpregame rituals?

No pregame rituals. I usually shut myself off from everything else and keep in [mind] what I’m trying to focus on for the game.

Why did you choose to play for Northwestern?

I felt like I meshed best with the coaches and players here. I’m a broadcast journalism major, [and] Medill is the best school

for journalism.

Is there any particular beat you’re interested in covering?

I know that I’m really into sports and I like to write, so if I could become a sports writer, that’s where my focus is right now.

Is there a specific company you’d like to work for as a broadcast journalist after

you graduate?

It would be awesome to work for some place like “Sportscenter” [on ESPN]. I’m also considering going to law school after I graduate and becoming a sports agent. It just depends on where I am. when I graduate.