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Female athletes need their time in the spotlight

Female athletes need their time in the spotlight

April 14, 2018

Female athletes are included in halls of fame and are instrumental to sports history, yet their athletic ability is sometimes questioned and their talents are often hidden.In an April 5 practice session, ...

Ballot mishaps at primaries highlight third party struggle

Ballot mishaps at primaries highlight third party struggle

By Savannah Eadens

April 1, 2018

As the votes from the 2018 primary elections are finalized this week, the Illinois Green Party has brought attention to the challenges third party political groups often face.The Illinois Green Party cri...

Activism shown during ‘VMAs’ should not be temporary

Grammy nominees show improvement in award diversity

By Ariana Portalatin

September 5, 2017

Although social media labeled the 2017 MTV "Video Music Awards" as dull and more boring than previous years, politics and activism took center stage. Many celebrities took the opportunity at the Aug. 27 awards...

The college's new diploma, designed by Hannah Rebernick, a Columbia graphic design alumna, incorporates the college's new seal.

Pimp my diploma: Columbia gives a new look to its sheepskin

May 5, 2014

Columbia graduates are about to look more legit. To address graduates’ com- plaints that employers question the legitimacy of their 9-by-9 inch square diplomas, which were implemented in ...

Extend Large Lots across Chicago

April 28, 2014

The city is littered with more than 15,000 vacant lots, predominantly located on the South and West sides, which are often hotbeds for crime and gang activity. To address the issue in Englewood, the city launched a program allowing residents to repurpose the abandoned areas—a plan that is flawed in several ways but could be a model for reducing empty lots across the city.From March 20 until April 21, the city piloted the L...

The Kenmore, 5040 N. Kenmore Ave., is one of a series of Chicago Housing Authority buildings. The CHA is considering a program that would allow ex-offenders to live with family members in public housing.

Public housing program to provide second chances

April 14, 2014

To help residents with criminal records contribute to society, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is backing a pilot program that would allow a test group of ex-offenders to be re-admitted to public housing.Emanuel and ...

Alumna runs for Illinois House

Alumna runs for Illinois House

February 24, 2014

Jay Travis, a 1994 marketing communication alumna who credits her success as a community organizer to Columbia, announced her candidacy Feb. 4 for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, representing the 26th District, which runs a thin line from the east side of The Loo...

See how they hear: New study finds heightened hearing in blind mice

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor

February 17, 2014

Vision loss may enhance the ability to differentiate between frequencies and pitches, which could make for better musicality, according to a recent study out of Johns Hopkins University.The study, published Feb. 5 in Neuron, a biweekly scientific journal, found that blind mice were able to hear softer sounds and better distinguish different frequencies than they could when they could see. The study showed the majority of chan...

Isabella Rotman

Notable Native: Isabella Rotman

January 27, 2014

For Isabella Rotman, drawing is a life-long passion. Rotman grew up drawing with her mom, who is also an artist, in a small beach town in Maine. Rotman’s talent and love of drawing have led her to som...

Featured Artist: Deavondre Jones

January 24, 2014

He calls it "DanceSpire." Deavondre Jones, a junior arts, entertainment & media management major, mixes dance, marketing and motivational speaking into one package that he hopes will inspire people to...

Bears hire 9 new coaches

By Corey Stolzenbach

January 23, 2013

Following nine seasons of the Lovie Smith regime, the Chicago Bears have ushered in nine new coaches for their 94th season in 2013. Smith will be replaced by Marc Trestman, a more offensively minded coach who is expected to help revive a struggling Bears offense. Trestman will bring in a new crew too, including new offensive and defensive coordinators, a new quarterbacks coach and a slew of specialty coaches to help him transf...

Growing sustainable design

By Senah Yeboah-Sampong

November 26, 2012

Alyson Beaton, assistant professor in the Art & Design Department, has a growing repertoire of eco-conscious talents. In addition to being an illustrator, letterpress printer and production designer for her own letterpress business, Grow Studio, Beaton will pioneer a new course in fall 2013.The class, Integrated Studio,  is geared toward art & design juniors and seniors and will combine media such as interior archi...

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