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By Media Relations Editor

Life is too short to force people into limited lifestyles. A one way in, one way out policy—like the one proposed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver—is unfair because each individual player has his or her own unique path.

Silver wants to impose a restricting two-year minimum on college basketball players before they can enter the draft, which would replace the current one-and-done policy. It’s frustrating to see any kind of playing requirements being implemented after growing up watching current NBA players such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Garnett join the league right out of high school and  achieve tremendous success.

Sure, not too many athletes succeed at the professional level immediately following high school. Most, if not all, would benefit from some collegiate experience. However, to limit a person’s potential earning based on education instead of ability reminds me that no matter what year it is, there are still a few things done ass-backward.

Silver’s stance is clearly based on what’s best for the league, and rightfully so—that is part of his job description. Thankfully, this decision isn’t up to him. A change in the rule would have to be made during collective bargaining between the owners and the National Basketball Players Association. 

Those who advocate for longer collegiate stays usually reason that an added amateur year will allow athletes to mature, serving players and their teams better on the court at the next level. 

Still, there are players who could positively contribute to a few NBA teams out of high school while collecting a check. Until the NCAA comes up with a better system for student athletes, keeping a player from a potential job is a financial disservice to many NBA-ready athletes who might deserve the recognition.

The quality of NBA games could improve under the proposed rule, but since when is the corporation more important than human beings? The NBA will continue to thrive no matter what age the professionals are. Injuries can happen at any time, which is the worst scenario for a student athlete anticipating a professional contract.

America is a capitalist nation. Qualifications should always outweigh other factors such as age. The NBA will not abolish the one-and-done limitation completely, but it should.

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