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Former Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, along with his 13-year-old daughter, Sunday, Jan. 26.

Opinion: Dear, Kobe…

January 29, 2020

Dear Kobe, I was 11 years old when I first saw you. I had just moved to my first foster home and was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know what to make of my situation. I was angry, frightened and had no...

How we learn about sex and relationships

Sex education influences teens’ knowledge, activity

March 30, 2015

Let’s talk about sex. Young adults learn about sex from a handful of different sources, but research suggests teachers rather than parents are now the most common givers of “the talk” for adolesc...

His airness reaches 52 years, not points

By Copy Chief

February 23, 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine wore a “Space Jam” jersey during this year’s NBA dunk competition, but should have carried a sign around that said “Happy Birthday” to the real dunk champion and the man who wore the jersey best, especially in the iconic 1996 Looney Toons-starring film—Chicago hero Michael Jordan.His airness—the man who jumped from the free throw line, double-clutched a ball palmed in his righ...

Brianna Planter

Featured Athlete: Brianna Planter

October 27, 2014

Brianna Planter, a junior dance major, taught herself how to dance at age 9. Now in college, she is the new choreographer of the Poms, Columbia’s dance team.Planter said she first found her competiti...

President Kwang-Wu Kim participates in Chicago Public schools’ “Arts Continuum” panel April 10 along with Barbara Byrd-Bennett (far left), CEO of CPS. 

Kim supports CPS arts education plan

April 14, 2014

In a show of backing for arts programs in public schools, President Kwang-Wu Kim spoke at the Chicago Public Schools Arts Education Plan’s April 10 “Arts Continuum” event, where community leaders gathered to discuss ideas for CPS’ first arts education plan. The panel di...

Quality is key

Ihmoud's Moods

By Media Relations Editor

April 14, 2014

Life is too short to force people into limited lifestyles. A one way in, one way out policy—like the one proposed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver—is unfair because each individual player has his or her...

Combatting winter tourism lull

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

December 10, 2012

As winter sets in, Chicago will amp up its tourism efforts to encourage travelers to visit the city during cold weather months.The plan will expand on the city’s summer tourism initiatives, which included TV spots and digital advertising. The summer initiative generated $207 million in revenue, according to a Nov. 14 press release from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.Emanuel and, the city’s official tourism ...

Kobe totally a Carrie

By Lindsey Woods

October 30, 2012

The sports scene has been full of news lately. There’s the ongoing NHL lockout, David Stern stepped down as commissioner of the NBA and football season is in full swing. But despite this, there is one urgent nugget of news that everyone seems to be ignoring.Kobe Bryant, whose career is considered among basketball’s best, admitted to liking “Sex and the City” in a column published Oct. 25 on hearing this...

NBA proves to be worse than Wall Street

By Samuel Charles

November 21, 2011

During the course of the last few months, few stories have received more attention than the Occupy Wall Street protests and the NBA lockout—two seemingly unrelated but surprisingly similar topics.In short, the OWS protesters are hell-bent on closing the spectrum of economic disparity in the U.S. Anyone who brings home more than $350,000 per year is in “the 1 percent.” According to OWS, they are the enemy of progress.Ye...

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