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Chicago is more than murder and mayhem

Chicago is more than murder and mayhem

February 5, 2018

Chicago has a reputation of being a city of violence and anarchy resembling scenes in the film “The Purge” with buildings on fire, a soundtrack of gunshots and bodies littering every street corner.  This exaggerated image has bee...

Quality is key

Ihmoud's Moods

By Media Relations Editor

April 14, 2014

Life is too short to force people into limited lifestyles. A one way in, one way out policy—like the one proposed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver—is unfair because each individual player has his or her...

Musicians’ brain scans give creativity good rap

By Kyle Rich

December 10, 2012

Since the ’80s, lyrical magicians from Canibus to Chiddy Bang have intertwined their rhymes and rhythms to prove theirlinguistic dexterity.Researcher Ho Ming Chow runs test on rapper Mike Eagle, who was one of 12 participants in the study. Using an MRI machine, researchers found freestyling leads to increased activity in the part of the brain that relates to motivation and sustained behavior Courtesy NIDICThis improvisa...

Supreme Court should protect affirmative action

By Editorial Board

October 15, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case that could affect how colleges can or cannot use race as a factor in admission. Fisher v. University of Texas, which was argued before the court on Oct. 10, focuses on using race as a criterion for admission.Abigail Fisher, a white resident of Texas, sued the University of Texas at Austin, claiming she was rejected by the college because its admissions policy factors in race when dete...

New laws can’t stop cyber bullies

By Gabrielle Rosas

January 17, 2012

Most people have probably heard sad stories of cyber bullying, ending in self-harm or suicide. In most cases, the harm could not be prevented because of the will of an angry student and the accessibility of the Internet. For the past few years, new laws have been passed across the country to make the consequences of cyber bullying harsher, but this will not be enough.On Jan. 1, House Bill 3281 took effect in Illinois schools. T...

Spark debate, not ignorance

By Brianna Wellen

November 21, 2011

For many students, college is a time to explore political inclinations and have healthy debates with other students regarding issues facing our country. This time of exploration will inevitably elicit naïve and ignorant comments from young political enthusiasts who, it is hoped, will research and learn from their mistakes in order to strengthen their argument in the future. It’s surprising, then, that the top student le...

Big Ten Men’s Basketball 2010-2011

By Etheria Modacure

November 8, 2010

With the NCAA Men’s Division I basketball season about to kick off, the Big Ten conference is ahead of most of its competition, with five schools ranked in the top 25 ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll. The conference hopes to send a handful of schools to the NCAA Tournament in March as it remains one of the most competitive leagues in college basketball.The Big Ten leads all conferences with three teams ranked in the top 10 of the...

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