Chicago Artist Profile: theWHOevers

By Dannis Valera

The Chronicle’s Multimedia Editor, Dennis Valera, got the chance to sit down with Chicago’s hip hop duo theWHOevers. MCs Lloyd Dotdot (Dotkom) and Jesse Arthur Manaois (J. Arthur) make up the pair.

The two met back in 2008 at Northern Illinois University through a mutual friend and decided to work together after hearing each others’ work.

“I was doing my own solo thing and he somehow heard some of my stuff,” said J. Arthur. “Then I heard his stuff and I was like, ‘Yo, we should work.'”

Dotkom and J. Arthur both have a strong love for hip hop, both saying it is just what they grew up with.

“I can’t really say when we fell in love with hip hop because it’s just something we constantly listened to growing up,” said Dotkom. “Time changes and you start to pick out what you actually like and what sticks with you. That’s what happened with us.”

When asked about their influences, it was hard for the two to pinpoint one inspiration for their music.

Dotkom said “music is limitless, there’s so much music out there that everything can have an impact on your sound. I feel that artists individually have to reach out to other types of music in order to grow.”

theWHOevers will be releasing a new mixtape Wednesday, Sept. 19, which will include their recently released single “Rendezvous.”