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Released Oct. 25 under the name FreeJay,

Freejay on his musical evolution: from high school to his latest EP

November 4, 2019

Earlier this year, Jayson Doss experienced two impactful events that took a toll on him mentally, emotionally and musically. Doss, junior audio design and production major, unexpectedly stopped hearing...

Rebel Rampage will perform Aug. 16 at Reggie’s, 2105 S. State St.

Rebel Rampage ‘stirring up the pot’ through protest rock

August 16, 2019

When protest rock trio Rebel Rampage conceptualized its cover of “Immigration Man,” originally by Graham Nash and David Crosby, they were not aware of the extent to which immigrant detention at...

Q&A: Aaron Aye's rise through timeless R&B

Q&A: Aaron Aye’s rise through timeless R&B

August 8, 2019

Rising hip-hop and R&B artist Aaron Aye writes and performs with one goal in mind: giving people timeless music. The Minneapolis-based artist has released two singles since his 2018 album “O...

Columbia alumni build ‘Empire’ with songwriting success

Columbia alumni build ‘Empire’ with songwriting success

April 28, 2018

2017 music alumna Kelsie Johnson, aka Juiix, and 2017 business and entrepreneurship alumnus Drew Fridge will have their original song featured on Fox’s hit show “Empire,” and both have been signed to the network as songwriters. The episode will premiere May 2 at 7...

Finding the Edge: Online vs Casino Gaming

By Sponsored Content

April 16, 2018

Many of us are familiar with brick-and-mortar casinos, even if we’ve never been to one. We also know about betting on things like horse races. But what about online gambling? Is there are reason to do one or the other, besides the obvious factor of whether or not you feel like going to a “real” casino, or are they pretty much identical besides the physical difference? Gambling is gambling, of course: you risk money, you wi...

Provide equality for all who teach

March 31, 2014

P-Fac, Columbia’s part-time faculty union, settled its tense contract negotiation with the college in fall 2013. The staff union, United Staff of Columbia College, is currently bargaining for its contract, but one group of teachers is falling between the cracks: staff members who teach part-time.Staff Who Teach, an independent group of Columbia staff members who teach classes, created a petition March 11 asking P-Fac to a...

Chicago Artist Profile: theWHOevers

By Dannis Valera

September 17, 2012

The Chronicle's Multimedia Editor, Dennis Valera, got the chance to sit down with Chicago's hip hop duo theWHOevers. MCs Lloyd Dotdot (Dotkom) and Jesse Arthur Manaois (J. Arthur) make up the pair.The two met back in 2008 at Northern Illinois University through a mutual friend and decided to work together after hearing each others' work."I was doing my own solo thing and he somehow heard some of my stuff," said J. Arthur. "The...

Health Center needs a check-up

By Editorial Board

November 15, 2010

“Come back in a few days if you’re not feeling better” seems to be our student Health Center’s motto. If a student hasn’t visited the center, it’s likely he or she has heard stories from classmates and friends. Within “a few days,” many students said they have been effectively diagnosed and treated by an off-campus doctor, braved their chances of returning to the Heath Center or in some cases, ended upin the ho...

“Working Mom” song

By Kay Luna

October 26, 2009

Someone named Pat Murphy commented on one of my old blog posts over the weekend, encouraging me to listen to his band's new single, called "Working Mom."No, it wasn't spam. Murphy is a real person, and he lives in Ireland. His family's band plays there. So, I went to their Web site and checked out the song. If you like country music (which I do), you might like this one - especially if you're a working parent.Yay for internation...

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