Award-winning ads aim to please

By Kaitlyn McAvoy

Columbia’s Marketing Department celebrated this year’s top broadcasted advertisements on Nov. 25 by showing a film reel of work from winners of the international advertising award-The One Club’s One Show.

The event was held at the 8th floor Film Row Cinema in the 1104 Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and drew about 30 Columbia students, alumni and industry professionals.

The reel lasted a little more than an hour and included winning commercials from well-known companies like Apple, Levi Jeans and Coca-Cola, as well as some international companies.

Yovana Rosales, a senior advertising major, went to see One Show to check out the “fierce” competition that exists in the advertising market. She said she also wanted to take advantage of Columbia showing the winning ads for free.

“It is really hard to see the One Show, especially for free,” said Rosales.

This is the fourth year Columbia has hosted the traveling exhibition of winner’s work that is shown all over the world, said Laurence Minsky of Columbia’s Marketing Department and member of The One Club, a nonprofit advertising organization based in New York City.

Drawing professionals from the advertising industry has been a great thing about hosting the event because students are able to interact with people working in the field they’re studying, said Minsky, who was instrumental in bringing the show to Columbia.

The event, however, failed to draw a big crowd. Justin Clapper, a 2005 Columbia alumnus who majored in art and design, said he came to the event to network with professionals but didn’t have many opportunities to do so because so few people came.

The low turnout was a vast difference from last year’s showing of the One Show, which drew around 200 industry professionals, Minsky said.

When Columbia hosted the event in past years, the reel was shown in addition to a gallery full of the print winner’s advertisements, Minsky said. However, the gallery is still being shown in Tokyo, he said. Minsky feared Columbia not having it might have lowered the amount of industry professionals who came.

Lawrence Neisler, who works in website development and advertising at Steadfast Data Systems, a company in Evanston, Ill., has come to see the show at Columbia in previous years and said he likes seeing the winning commercials in the reel. He wished, though, that the gallery of print winners was shown, as it is more closely tied to what his company does.

“I liked the gallery,”Neisler said. “It was a disappointment that it wasn’t here.”

Jeff Hirsch, assistant to the president of the One Club, said the goal of the show is to promote creativity and excellence in advertising. Anyone can apply to the contest, he said, in categories like print, broadcast, Internet and radio advertising.

There is also a specific competition for college students, Hirsch said. This is a separate competition, and this year, all ads had to be catered to Doritos, according to the One Club website.

A bonus to showing this winning work is that people are seeing it before the Annual, a set of three books that compile the winning advertising, which comes out in January, Minsky said. Students and professionals alike came to get inspiration from the winners.

Wendy Lalli, from Hamilton Communication, an advertising company in Chicago, has come to see the show for the past two years and said she continues to come because she can get new advertising ideas and see what else is going on in the world by seeing the winning work.

The One Show has become so widely known in the advertising world that many are asking to show it in their city. Formerly, the One Club had to do a lot of out-reach to spread the word about it, Hirch said.

“It is a really prestigious thing to bring the One Show here to Columbia,” Neisler said.