Kobe totally a Carrie

By Lindsey Woods

The sports scene has been full of news lately. There’s the ongoing NHL lockout, David Stern stepped down as commissioner of the NBA and football season is in full swing. But despite this, there is one urgent nugget of news that everyone seems to be ignoring.

Kobe Bryant, whose career is considered among basketball’s best, admitted to liking “Sex and the City” in a column published Oct. 25 on iVillage.com.

Upon hearing this wonderful news, I immediately began to wonder which of the four New York women Bryant identifies with the most. I’m pretty sure anyone who loves “SATC” has fancied himself or herself a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda.

Kobe is obviously a Carrie because he is the star of the show, and he wrote a column (duh, Carrie wrote columns). Twinsies!

But why stop at characterizing Kobe? I think in honor of Halloween, other athletes should channel their inner ’90s woman and take on their own “SATC” character.

Peyton Manning as Carrie Bradshaw: Carrie has always been the leading lady, and so has Peyton. They also share that “it” factor that makes them charming and likeable. Both have been through painful breakups—Carrie with Aidan Shaw and Peyton with the Indianapolis Colts. Both had a stellar 2001 season, too. Peyton rushed for a career-high 157 yards, and Carrie got back together with Aidan, whom I always liked better than Mr. Big.

Ryan Lochte as Samantha Jones: Samantha is known for her insatiable libido and unreserved attitude toward sex, and Ryan gained sex-symbol status during the 2012 London Olympics. His mother told Today.com that “he goes out on one-night stands.” Ryan later clarified that she meant to say “dates,” but I’d be willing to bet those dates ended with more than a goodnight kiss. Ryan is the bachelor to Samantha’s bachelorette, and I bet they would jump each other’s bones if given the chance.

Russell Westbrook as Miranda Hobbes: Miranda is a hardworking lawyer who takes a more practical approach to dating. She’s the foundation of the four friends, and Russell plays the same role as guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell and Miranda also share a nerdy charm. Russell sometimes gets overshadowed by teammate Kevin Durant, just as Miranda sometimes got overlooked because of Samantha’s one-liners and Carrie’s boy drama. But she’s stable and solid, just like Russell.

Tim Tebow as Charlotte York: There is not a more obvious connection between the “SATC” girls and a professional athlete. Charlotte is the prude of the ladies, and Tim is the virgin of the NFL. Tim has created a public image around his Christianity, and Charlotte was a Christian too until she converted to Judaism for fiancé Harry Goldenblatt.