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Brian Gybboney trades the classic red and black Harley Quinn for a glittering pink and white version, Oct. 31.

Boystown ends October with a Halloween extravaganza

November 1, 2019

Harley Quinn, Pennywise and a vibrant Darth Vader wrapped in a rainbow flag, marched up North Halsted Street for the 23rd annual Haunted Halsted Halloween Parade and costume contest. "People fro...

RIP Teddy bears in this shred-tastic Wicked Week event

October 31, 2019

The Chronicle gets a look at Frankentoys, a Columbia Wicked Week event that would leave Build-a-Bear in shock. Students come together to celebrate the Halloween season and de-stress by ripping to shreds...

Once upon a scary-tale…

October 31, 2019

This is not your typical "Casper the Friendly Ghost" story. When staff reporter Paige Barnes and photojournalist Korrigan Agen asked students, “Have you experienced any paranormal activity on campus?"...

Opinion: To schools banning Halloween parties: BOO!

Opinion: To schools banning Halloween parties: BOO!

October 27, 2019

Every year around Halloween, the buzz of excitement is palpable as costumed students prepare for candy comas and ghoulish holiday rituals after class. My middle school even allowed the celebration to ...

The Renegades Marching Band poses for a photo before performing at their first ever city parade during Arts in the Dark Oct. 19.

Arts in the Dark makes Halloween an artist’s holiday

October 21, 2019

Spectators flocked to the South Loop Friday to experience the Arts in the Dark parade, an event celebrating Halloween as an artist’s holiday. Featuring performers from across Chicago, Arts in the Dark l...

Natalie Battaglia and Dino Northway, dressed as Charlie Brown, and their dog Roy, dressed as Snoopy, attend the event wearing matching Peanuts costumes.

Dogs and owners display fur-ocious costumes at Spooky Pooch Parade

October 15, 2019

From Starbucks coffee pups, to medical "paws"pitals, to elaborate headless horsemen, hundreds of canines and their owners spared no expense in their quest for the most creative and elaborate costu...

EDITORIAL: Holidays should be about more than escapism

EDITORIAL: Holidays should be about more than escapism

March 8, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching, which means Americans are ready to don “Kiss me, I’m Irish” shirts, dye the Chicago River green and binge-drink from morning to night. Store aisles are...

Big Screams from Logan Theatre’s Big Screen

Big Screams from Logan Theatre’s Big Screen

October 15, 2018

The creepy notes of a live organ fill the auditorium as the 1922 silent film “Nosferatu” illuminates the screen at the Logan Theatre. The halls are lined with cult classic film posters from the 1980s ...

Students need to join together for on-campus change

By Editorial Board

November 20, 2017

Members of the Columbia community have formed a coalition to voice frustration with the administration’s actions and bring about change at the college.The college’s part-time faculty union and some students have created a group named OurColumbia to protest rising tuition, cuts to student resources and continual departmental changes, as reported Nov. 6 by The Chronicle. At the coalition’s Nov. 10 meeting, members plotted...

Offensive costumes are too scary even for Halloween

By Editorial Board

October 30, 2017

The air is crisp, the leaves have turned bright shades of red and orange, and Halloween is upon us. Those of us too old to go door-to-door are contemplating staying in for a Halloween movie marathon with candy we had to buy ourselves or showing off fun costumes that will scare or delight our friends. Some costumes have no place in Halloween festivities, though. Instead of dressing as a classic witch or ghost, some use the ...

Offensive costumes: all tricks, no treats

Offensive costumes: all tricks, no treats

October 30, 2017

Dressing up on Halloween is an age-old tradition deriving from the Celts, but in the past few years, interest has spiked in politically incorrect costumes, according to statistics from Google Trends. This year, schools such as the University of Texas at Austin and the Uni...

Eminem gives fans a necessary ultimatum in anti-Trump rap

Grammy nominees show improvement in award diversity

By Ariana Portalatin

October 16, 2017

At the Oct. 6 BET Hip Hop Awards, rapper and actor Eminem delivered a fierce attack on President Donald Trump, unleashing on the president’s controversial tactics while also giving his fans who suppo...

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