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Y’all really wanna bang Pennywise?

Y’all really wanna bang Pennywise?

By Erin Dickson

February 12, 2018

While scrolling through Tumblr, Maisie Smith-Walters, a social media journalist for BBC, stumbled upon photos of Pennywise, the clown from the 2017 remake of the horror film “IT.” The comments on...

Committment to LGBT students cannot just be lip service

Editor’s Note: Committment to LGBT students cannot just be lip service

January 30, 2017

Students often choose to attend Columbia because of its advertised inclusivity and open-minded campus culture. However, instead of just marketing this type of mindset, the college’s administration and ...

Facebook must be wary of viewpoint censorship in fake news battle

By Editorial Board

January 23, 2017

Facebook faced harsh criticism after people became aware that fake news stories were circulating on the social media platform during the recent presidential election, spreading false information to many voters. Prompted by widespread criticism that fabricated stories might have influenced presidential election results, Facebook’s Director of Product Fidji Simo said in a Jan. 11 press release that Facebook would be teaming up ...

New student organization Women is Audio was co-founded by junior audio arts & acoustic major Kendra Searl. Searl said the club allows women in the field to meet and encourage one another.

Women represented in new student organization

October 14, 2016

Female students in the Audio Arts & Acoustics Department have formed a new student organization, Women in Audio, to give women a place to come together in the male-dominated field, according to club pre...

Businesses do not need gimmicks to attract millennials

Abby Lee Hood

By Copy Chief

September 12, 2016

A familiar video game character with red overalls and a mustache stole at least some of the show at the Apple keynote event in San Francisco Sept. 7. CEO Tim Cook told the audience Super Mario is finally ge...

Chicago dumps Trump with satire

Jacob Thomas’ Donald Trump-inspired designs are displayed at the Degenerate Art Gallery, 5407 N. Clark St., April 1 through April 24.

By Arts & Culture Editor

April 4, 2016

There is no denying Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a polarizing billionaire to many voters.Between his hyperbolic speeches and overall appearance, parodies of the boisterous figure have flourishe...

Sound Off: Lorde takes to Tumblr, updates fans on inspiration and upcoming album

By Managing Editor

May 10, 2015

As the school year draws to a close, a new beginning in the music industry is in sight.Pop phenomenon Lorde took to her Tumblr account to update fans on the progress of the upcoming follow-up to her debut album Pure Heroine, according to a May 7 Rolling Stone report.Lorde’s Tumblr post included some highlights from her recent studio time as she works to produce her sophomore LP.Not only did she clue fans in to the fact that she is currently...

Misery Loves Comedy

‘Misery Loves Comedy’ in new documentary

May 4, 2015

In light of the Robin Williams tragedy, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the nature of comedians and depression. Williams was the country’s collective class clown and possibly its most ...

Shooting coverage carries racist undertones

By Associate Editor

September 15, 2014

If your life came to a tragic end, how would you want the news to tell your story?This is a question news organizations must constantly ponder when covering victims of gun violence. Following the Aug. 9 death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old male shot in Ferguson, Missouri, news outlets such as USA Today pulled photos from Brown’s Facebook page, showing him displaying what can be interpreted as a gang sign. ...

Boston-based indie-pop band Air Traffic Controller debuted in 2009 and released their latest record NORDO in June 2012, funded it through a Kickstarter campaign.

Air Traffic Controller lands listeners

September 2, 2014

Boston-based indie-rockband Air Traffic Controller is gaining notoriety as its songs rapidly draw the attention of Spotify users. Within weeks, their single, “You Know Me,” has racked up hundreds ...

Columbia College Transfer Students

College eases transfer process with IAI

September 2, 2014

With the decline of transfer student enrollment in recent years exceeding the decline in new freshmen enrollment, Columbia’s administration is implementing transfer-friendly policies.  Effective this semester, the school has joined the Illinois Articulation Initiative, making tran...

Chronic Anxiety

By Sports and Health Editor

April 21, 2014

Colin Anders* presses the speckled glass bong to his lips. He flicks his lighter and holds it to the base, igniting the packed slider overflowing with green crumbly weed, and slowly inhales. Crippling anxiety feels much more tolerable when stoned, he reasons.And then it hits.Black spots slowly cloud his vision. His heart begins pounding out of his chest and his body shakes uncontrollably as he loses the ability to breathe....

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