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African nations are not alone in human rights violations

Children are not to blame  in child marriages

By Managing Editor

October 31, 2016

Gambia, Burundi and South Africa are planning to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, a body that has tried human right violations since its creation in 2002. The countries criticized the cou...

South Africa’s Jesse Clegg leaves ‘Souvenir’ on USA tour

Jesse Clegg, who will open for his father, Johnny Clegg, on April 14 and 15 at City Winery Chicago, 1200 W. Randolph St., said playing some shows with his father is like being on a family road trip. 


April 11, 2016

Jesse Clegg’s first memory of Chicago’s harsh winds will not stop the South African musician from performing in the Windy City as part of his Spring 2016 North America Tour. The rock-pop singer is...

The Faculty Senate passed a motion regarding salary increases at a Feb. 12 meeting, which was later rejected by Senior Vice President and Provost Stan Wearden.

Provost denies senate’s motion on performance raises

February 29, 2016

Senior Vice President and Provost Stan Wearden vetoed in a Feb. 25 email a recently passed Faculty Senate motion broadening the faculty eligibility for performance-based salary increases.The response, d...

Waters takes on new SFS position

Waters takes on new SFS position

February 24, 2014

Jennifer waters was promoted Feb. 17 to the role of associate vice president of Student Financial Services and Business Affairs. Waters has served as executive director of the department since 2007 and is succeeding Tim Bauhs, who is now the executive financial director at the ...

Columbia names provost finalists

Columbia names provost finalists

February 3, 2014

After nearly three years without a permanent provost, the college has named two finalists—both of them deans at prominent Midwestern universities. Chris K. McCord, dean of the College of Liber...

PrePex protects

By Contributing Writer

February 27, 2012

by Emily Ornberg, contributing writerA new appliance as a simple as a rubber band holds the promise of dramatically lowering the rate of deaths by HIV infection. The device, called the PrePex, is used to carry out one of the world’s oldest surgical procedures, one that may help prevent HIV: male circumcision.The World Health Organization and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS recommended mass circumcision to African nations in ...

Biting back against rape

By Emily Fasold

February 20, 2012

One year after its introduction to the South African public, “Rape-aXe,” a spiked, tampon-like device designed to protect women against rape, continues to stir international controversy.The device, invented by South African doctor Sonnete Ehlers, works by hooking onto a rapist’s penis upon penetration. Once “tagged,” assaulters must have the device surgically removed before they can urinate or move comfortably. ...

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