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Theater Wit’s take on “The Full Monty” blends sexuality and humor in a touching manner in this Americanized live-action musical version of the 1997 British cult classic.

Theater Wit’s ‘Full Monty’ leaves it all hanging out

April 6, 2015

With so many established theaters in Chicago, it is always exciting to find a theater on the cutting edge. In Kokandy Productions’ Americanized live version of the 1997 British film of the same name, ...

Kokandy Productions’ take on the 1997 British film “The Full Monty” is more than a strip tease with relationships, body issues and financial struggles taking center stage.

Behind the scenes of Theater Wit’s ‘Full Monty’

April 6, 2015

Darkness washed over the small theater as the crowd roared with excitement and anticipation.“They may not be young, pretty or very good, but tonight and one night only they’re here, live and going f...

Pop singer’s careless remarks shed light on misconception

By Managing Editor

November 17, 2014

During a time when more and more mainstream artists are bringing issues about body image to the forefront of popular culture, conflicting perceptions of ideal body types have continued to crop up. Meghan Trainor, the pop artist who claimed the spotlight seemingly overnight with “All About That Bass,” her hit song that has continuously held its No. 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, has joined the conversation about body i...

Bernie Yvon and Molly Glynn both performed at the Goodman Theater, 170 N. Dearborn St., during their careers.

Midwestern theater community mourns veterans’ deaths

September 15, 2014

When news broke of the tragic deaths of Chicago theater veterans Molly Glynn and Bernie Yvon last weekend, it sent a wave of shock through the theater community.Glynn, a 46-year-old stage performer and TV...

Kim details future plans

By Campus Editor

May 12, 2014

In the waning days of his first year as president, Kwang-Wu Kim released a 14-page document outlining his vision for the future of the college. Kim posted the “Redefining Our Greatness” memorandum to Columbia’s website May 7. The document details Kim’s criticisms of certain college systems and practices, including its “First-Year Seminar” course, overall alumni relations, communications practices and spending...

New holiday Steppenwolf show incorporates Liza Minnelli

By Dannis Valera

December 3, 2012

Her mother took audiences over the rainbow in "The Wizard of Oz," she sang and danced her way to an Oscar for her part in the 1972 film "Cabaret" and today Hollywood veteran Liza Minnelli is giving Chicago the old razzle-dazzle again as the inspiration for a new play titled "We Three Lizas."While Minnelli doesn't actually make an appearance in the production, which runs through Dec. 23 at Steppenwolf Theatre, 1650 N. Hals...

International art sends message of strength

By Amanda Murphy

March 14, 2011

The exhibition, “Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art,” describes many aspects of what it means to be a woman in modern day America. The exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St., displays a variety of artwork from 29 contemporary artists from 25 countries.On March 8, Columbia sponsored a discussion with four of the featured artists—, three women and one man—about their art, gender issues a...

‘Rush’ captures ‘Spirit of Radio’ at Second City

By Luke Wilusz

February 8, 2010

Scathing political satire returned to the Second City stage last week as the company premiered their latest revue, “Rush Limbaugh! The Musical.” The company performed its final preview show at Second City’s e.t.c. stage, 1608 N. Wells St., on Feb. 2, before officially opening the show the following night.The show follows talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s rise from obscurity to fame and extrapolates what might...

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