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Jeff Spitz, assistant professor in the Cinema Art + Science Department, co-produced the documentary “Food Patriots” about the importance of growing and eating local, organic food. 

Food movement sparked by professor

March 10, 2014

What started as an illegal but harmless chicken farm in a Columbia professor’s backyard is now a Chipotle-sponsored documentary about where food comes from. “Food Patriots,” produced by Groundswell Educational Films—a nonprofit production company co-founded by Jeff Spitz, a...

Top highlights of 2011–2012

By Heather Scroering

April 30, 2012

Blueprint prioritization process:The yearlong prioritization process, which the college implemented last June to re-allocate funds and evaluate the strength of every academic and business program within the college, has been the talk of the campus all year. Two committees of faculty and staff members­—one focusing on academics, the other on business—were created to guide the process. No program escaped scrutiny, as each ...

Final thoughts, Michael Beschloss

By Alexandra Kukulka

March 12, 2012

With the G8 summit moving to Camp David, the Illinois primary on March 20 and the Republicans campaigning for electoral votes, politics are in the spotlight. Columbia is staying on the trend with its last event in the 2011–2012 Conversation in the Arts series hosted by the school of Liberal Arts and Sciences.Presidential historian, author and political commentator Michael Beschloss discussed presidential courage March 8 at the...

Historian Beschloss talks past, future

By Alexandra Kukulka

March 5, 2012

When children are young, their parents tend to take them on trips to museums or parks to help their growth and development. As an 8-year-old, Michael Beschloss, today one of the best country's most noted presidential historians, visited the Lincoln sights in Springfield, Ill., where he discovered his passion for presidents. By age 10, he knew he wanted to write history books.Now, years later, Beschloss has written nine boo...

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