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College announces new hires, promotions

By Campus Editor

July 24, 2015

A string of promotions and newly-hired personnel have been announced during the summer that could affect several departments throughout the 2015–2016 academic year.The emailed announcements, which were sent out June 15 through July 18, detailed four faculty and staff personnel changes at the college.The moves include the appointment of Miriam Smith as executive director of Alumni Relations, Suzanne McBride as interim chair of...

Conquering the Curve: The struggles and triumphs of Columbia College's baseball team

Conquering the Curve: The struggles and triumphs of Columbia College’s baseball team

May 11, 2015

With Columbia’s Renegades baseball team becoming more well-known on campus, the team’s original name has become a distant memory, even to those who have been at the college longer than a decade.Columbi...

Commuters struggle to engage

Connecting Columbia’s Urban Campus

April 28, 2014

Last Friday evening on campus, students could have watched independent films by Master’s candidates in the Cinema Arts & Science Department, gone to a play about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotts, attende...

Report: Joe Walsh, 8th District

By Contributing Writer

November 6, 2012

Angelica Sanchez, Contributing WriterHours away from the results of congressional elections 8th district in Illinois, college students and parents wonder which candidate will have a greater influence in Congress on the issues of rising student loan debt, education reform and scholarship funds.Republican incumbent Joe Walsh is expected to arrive soon with his wife and children at his election rally at the Medinah Shrine Cente...

Duckworth defeats Walsh for 8th District

By Contributing Writer

November 6, 2012

by Elizabeth EarlContributing writerIn a tight, nationally-viewed race, Tammy Duckworth defeated Republican incumbent Joe Walsh in the Congressional Race for 8th District 56 percent to 45 percent. Duckworth who is bilingual, is the first Asian-American to represent Illinois in Congress.“I am proud to be your servant in Congress,” Duckworth said in her victory speech. “All Americans should be served by their government....

Iraqi media outlet visits Columbia

By Heather Scroering

July 23, 2012

Five Iraqi journalists from a news outlet in the newly democratized nation visited Columbia’s Journalism Department on July 12.In the United States for a 16-day leadership program funded by the U.S. State Department, the members of the Iraqi Media Network came here to understand the inner workings of Columbia’s journalism program.“We are striving in Iraq to build new media outlets and have effective rule in new media outlets,” said J...

Chicago Tea Party rallies on Tax Day

By Heather McGraw

April 25, 2011

The U.S. government changed the deadline to file taxes this year but that didn’t prevent the Chicago Tea Party from holding its third annual Tax Day rally to gather support for the movement.Tea Party members gathered outside Daley Plaza on April 18 to hear speakers from across the nation talk about the party’s future and what impact the Chicago group will have on it.Speakers at the event included Rep. Joe Walsh, of Illin...

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