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Rainn Wilson ain’t so ‘Super’

By Drew Hunt

April 3, 2011

After cutting his teeth under the banner of Troma Entertainment—a horror film production company—director James Gunn seems poised for a career working in shlocky exploitation cinema.For his third film, the pseudo-comic book movie “Super,” Gunn enlisted the help of Rainn Wilson to portray Frank, a deeply perturbed fry cook with a fascination for religious television.When Frank’s wife, played by Liv Tyler, is lured a...

Health clinic needs help

By Stephanie Saviola

October 17, 2010

I recently visited our health clinic at the residence center, 731 S. Plymouth Ct., and though I’ve been there before, this recent visit was considerably  worse compared to past trips. I realized one thing: Our clinic needs immediate attention.Students have seen the colorfully painted walls and elaborate, swanky furniture displayed throughout our campus buildings, but after taking one step inside our clinic you forget you are ...

LGBTQ students speak out

By Katy Nielsen

October 17, 2010

Coming out is a lifelong process author Daniel Allen Cox knows a lot about.More than 30 people showed up at the Multicultural Affairs Center, 618 S. Michigan Ave. Building, on Oct. 11 to support National Coming Out Day and meet Cox, who led the discussion and read an excerpt from his most recent novel “Krakow Melt.”National Coming Out Day was founded in 1988 by LGBT activists Robert Eichberg and Jean O’Leary.“It is also O...

Westboro Baptist Church protests gays, Jews,Tom Brokaw

By Stephanie Saviola

March 14, 2010

The Controversial group the Westboro Baptist Church, which is best known for its anti-gay, anti-Jewish and anti-American protests, made its way to Chicago for its latest round of campaigning.They were armed with signs that read “God hates America,” “God hates fags” and “Jews stole the land.”The group started 19 years ago. Even though they have caused a major uproar, there are only 70 members, including childre...

Gay rights organization fights for civil liberties

By SpencerRoush

September 22, 2009

After 11 years of protests, hundreds of colorful signs and countless miles walked down Chicago’s busiest sidewalks, the Gay Liberation Network(GLN) has been drawing crowds during controversial demonstrations in an effort to fight for peoples’ rights and make a political and social impact.At the end of August, the GLN was vindicated after members heard Buju Banton, a controversial Jamaican music performer who sings violent, ant...

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