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Marketing Columbia: college rethinks recruitment strategies

Marketing Columbia: college rethinks recruitment strategies

September 11, 2018

The college recently hired Chicago advertising agency SOCIALDEVIANT to create a new marketing campaign for the college, designed to help increase student enrollment. The new campaign will targe...

Illinois program uses funds to go greener

By Blaise Mesa

September 10, 2018

Illinois is replacing old diesel engines with more eco-friendly alternatives, hoping to improve air quality.The Driving a Cleaner Illinois program will fund the replacement of older engines with money awarded as part of the Volkswagen Settlement—a multi-billion dollar settlement with the federal government over Clean Air Act violations, according to an Aug. 29 press release from Governor Bruce Rauner’s office. Illinois will...

Among the art in Renaissance Society's new exhibit

Gallery shares thoughts on the ‘Unthought’

February 5, 2018

People interact with the natural elements of water, fire, wind and the sun every day, but a new exhibit at the University of Chicago’s Renaissance Society explores if they truly consider how much.Cu...

The City of Chicago is the second entity to sue U.S. Steel, a corporation that sits across the lake in Portage, Indiana, visible from Promontory Point in Hyde Park. U.S. Steel violated its clean water permit when it discharged chromium into the lake last year. 

City sues US Steel for polluting Lake Michigan

January 29, 2018

After public outcry and a lawsuit from the Surfrider Foundation—a nonprofit environmental organization that works to protect water—Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Corporation Counsel Ed Siskel filed a city...

Some Southeast Side community members fear a neurotoxin called manganese is in the air, which can damage the nervous system, according to the EPA.

Southeast Side residents’ health at risk again

February 20, 2017

The presence of the neurotoxin manganese in Southeast Side communities’ air has left residents frustrated with the Department of Health’s repeated lack of communication over toxins emitted from ne...

Protesting President Donald Trump’s EPA head nomination, Chicagoans yelled, “We reject the EPA elect” at Federal Plaza Jan. 25.

Protesters ask Duckworth, Durbin to reject EPA nominee

January 30, 2017

“Hear us: we reject the EPA-elect,” chanted protesters downtown Jan. 25, who voice their concerns with Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt.“[Pruitt] has...

Students promote positive body image through unorthodox fashion show

Laura Maynard, sophomore business major and c3F treasurer, developed the idea for the show after realizing traditional models do not represent all body types. 


October 24, 2016

Students of varying body types, ethnicities and genders walked down a catwalk in evening gowns, jeans and t-shirts, backwards flannel shirts, and even 3D printed apparel as part of the “Victoria’s Real...

Environmental issues should not be politicized

February 22, 2016

Climate change is one of today’s most urgent and far-reaching issues. President Barack Obama has addressed it through his Clean Power Plan, which was announced August 3, 2015. The plan is designed to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and expand the clean energy economy, but, unlike other proposed solutions such as a tax on the carbon content of fuels, it does not require congressional approval as it alters existing...

Lupe visits campus

By Alexandra Kukulka

October 8, 2012

In his earlier performances as a junior in high school, Lupe Fiasco enjoyed being a showman and pumping up the crowd. During a talent show, he sat on stage with a notebook and pretended to write an already finished rap to keep hisaudience engaged.Less than a decade later, Fiasco, 30, still has the ability to hold the crowd’s attention. He did just that when he spoke with Columbia students Oct. 1 about his career, life and late...

Reclaiming Chicago’s Water: Officials plan water treatment plant improvements

By Chris Loeber

April 23, 2012

Built around a river that was once solely a means of industrial development and transportation, the city is taking steps to improve the quality of its waterways as officials hope to make them attractive for recreational use.The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago plans to install new technology at two local water treatment plants that will lead to cleaner waterways, including the Chicago River, by 2015...

Cleaning up Chicago’s air quality

By Contributing Writer

February 8, 2012

by: Brandon Smith, Contributing WriterChicago is getting close to having no violations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current air quality standards.But the standards, which the city has still not quite met, were set in 1990 and are “woefully outdated,” according to the American Lung Association, the leading health organization working to improve lung health. The news came during a Feb. 1 public meeting he...

Pollution control underway

By Vanessa Morton

September 12, 2011

H. Kramer & Co., a local brass and bronze smelter, has found itself in hot water after Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a complaint against it.The company agreed to a preliminary injunction which requires it to immediately reduce lead emissions from its plant, according to the Attorney General’s Office. In compliance, H. Kramer is accountable for replacing existing pollution control equipment with new state-of-th...

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