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Biting back against rape

By Emily Fasold

February 20, 2012

One year after its introduction to the South African public, “Rape-aXe,” a spiked, tampon-like device designed to protect women against rape, continues to stir international controversy.The device, invented by South African doctor Sonnete Ehlers, works by hooking onto a rapist’s penis upon penetration. Once “tagged,” assaulters must have the device surgically removed before they can urinate or move comfortably. ...

Student label, designs head to New York

By Alexandra Kukulka

February 20, 2012

Some Students at arts colleges may lose hope because of the limited career opportunities available in their chosen fields. Often, students must decide whether to change majors or stick it out.Omar Villalobos, sophomore fashion studies major, experienced this dilemma when he first came to Columbia as a film student. He realized film was more of a hobby for him, so he changed his major to fashion studies. This change of hea...

Black Heritage Month Celebrated

By Contributing Writer

February 13, 2012

by Tyler McDermott, Contributing WriterColumbia’s Office of Multicultural Affairs kicked off African-American Heritage Month Feb. 1 with a reception to mark the approaching close of its long-running art exhibit “Black Gossamer,” though the exhibit did not formally shut down until Feb. 11.The exhibit, which premiered in November 2011 at the Glass Curtain Gallery in the Conway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., celebrated African-American and Caribbean culture, featuring artwork and installations from world-renowned artists such as Myra Greene and Ebony G. Patterson.Guests at the reception were invited to enjoy a light dinner and peruse the gallery before listening to a lecture on the connection between art and fashion by Afro-futurist artist and Columbia faculty member D. Denenge Akpem.Those who attended the closing ceremony said they were looking forward to what Columbia and the Office of Multicultural Affairs will offer for the remaining weeks of African-American Heritage Month.“I can’t wait to see the up-and-coming events that are going on for this month,” said Emmanuel Bansa, senior Film and Video student. “I feel like they’re going to be very fruitful. It’s a great start.”Kimberley Weatherly, director of African-American Cultural Affairs, promised there will be many more events from Multicultural Affairs this month.“We try to invite guests who speak to our mission and [our] different academic departments, since we’re [a] fine, visual, and performing arts [college],” Weatherly said. “We will just get different people to cover the different majors. So you may have someone one year from theatre, film, television and radio. The next year we may be fortunate to get someone from animation and design, or journalism.”Columbia emphasized its inclusiveness Feb. 2 when the Office of African-American Cultural Affairs teamed up with the Office of Asian-American Cultural Affairs to host a “Lunar New Year Celebration” featuring celebrity vegan chef Bryant Terry.“We try to add something new every year,” Weatherly said. “This year, we did something different with Lunar New Year. We try to collaborate with different departments because it’s important that we not only celebrate our culture, but other people are able to celebrate as well.”R & B songstress Angie Stone, writer Sam Greenlee, journalist Mary Mitchell and many more will be hitting the campus in the coming weeks.“It’s not about, ‘You’re not black any other month,’” Weatherly said. “It’s an opportunity for people to really focus in and learn history, and for the majority to celebrate all the different cultures [and] focus on what we have and be thankful, and to expose people to another culture.”Upcoming African-American heritage events: Cultural Journey: Mary Mitchell, Journalist from Chicago Sun-Times. Tuesday, Feb. 15; Afro Blue: Blowout, Feb. 21; From Colonial to National Times: Spooks, Censors; and Sam Greenlee: The Spook who sat by the Door, Feb. 23; An Afternoon with Neo-Soul Artist Angie Stone, Feb. 28; Black Like Us: Celebrating Our Musical Heritage, Feb. 29. For locations, times and additional events, visit the event listings at

Car Fire at 710 S. Wabash

By Sara Mays

January 27, 2012

Firefighters and paramedics were called to respond to a car fire in a parking garage at 710 S. Wabash on Jan. 26 around 4pm. The cause of the fire was not determined but it was deemed not suspicious.[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="10.1.8276" useexpressinstall="true" movie="" width="500" height="440" targetclass="flashmovie"][/kml_flashembed]...

Words ‘N Stuff Zine Workshop

By Estefania Martinez

December 12, 2011

Words 'N Stuff, a new student organization that started this year, held a zine-making social at the Conaway where various members taught attendees how to make zines. Besides the workshop, the organization also sold zines to help them fundraise for their trip to Brooklyn Zine Festival in April.

Becoming a better vegan/vegetarian

By Lindsey Woods

December 12, 2011

by Sam BohneContributing WriterWhile the traditional turkey or ham is passed around the dinner table this Christmas, some may opt for the vegetarian or vegan-friendly tofurkey instead.It is clear that while nutritionists and dieticians still differ in their regarding opinion regarding whether an animal-free diet is the way to go, or whether animal products are necessary for good health, there are more people then ever choos...

Prolific Faculty Cuts Loose

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 28, 2011

“When I am working in the field” is a statement that many Columbia students hear in their classrooms while teachers draw on their professional experiences. Many students would view having a professor who is still actively working in the field as beneficial.As reported by The Chronicle on Nov. 7, most faculty members have not received salary raises this year, which some say has caused a decrease in morale.Never-the-less,...

Battling child abuse

By Lauryn Smith

November 28, 2011

Organizations across the country are taking action in the aftermath of the Pennsylvania State University sex scandal.One such organization, the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, is attempting to raise awareness of how to prevent child sexual abuse. The nonprofit organization is conducting bi-monthly media receptions in hopes of gaining support for CCAC’s mission.The Penn State scandal has reminded people that sexual a...

5 Race for Manifest post

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 21, 2011

Music is blaring through the speakers while students dance and sing onstage. Down the block, collegians don fashion creations and pose in the middle of the sidewalk displaying their designs. Actors perform skits with high energy as artists paint on windows. Such scenes transform Columbia’s campus during the annual Manifest UrbanArts Festival.Hosted by Columbia at the end of every school year, Manifest exhibits graduating studen...

Public transit could be key to future

By Matt Watson

October 31, 2011

America is the land of cars and highways. Henry Ford may not have invented the automobile, but he perfected the assembly-line production model that enabled every American to own one. Thanks to this, urban sprawl has become etched into our national landscape, destroying corn fields and wilderness to make space for new cookie-cutter subdivisions. Yet the rising cost of owning a car may change the way Americans get from place to place....

Closer watch on billboards

By Gregory Cappis

October 31, 2011

by Samantha Bohne, Contributing WriterMayor Rahm Emanuel announced new reforms on Oct. 9 that change the way Chicago billboards are regulated.The new program will enforce stricter billboard inspections, which will help identify illegal billboards in the city, according to the mayor’s press release. The plan will also help city inspectors crack down on owners who do not have billboard permits.“The proliferation of illegal an...

Questions raised, not salaries

By Lisa Schulz

October 24, 2011

President Warrick L. Carter and Louise Love, interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, announced in emails this week that falling enrollment eliminated the possibility of across-the-board raises for full-and part-time faculty and staff members for the 2011–2012 academic year.Cautioning that the school was “not in a crisis situation,” Carter stated that the decision resulted from a 300-student decrease i...

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