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City Colleges make helpful addition to veterans’ benefits

By Editorial Board

November 8, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced on Nov. 8 a new program within the City Colleges of Chicago that will provide veterans with education assistance beyond what they receive from federal benefits.The program will grant scholarships of up to $1,000 to veterans who attend any of the seven city colleges, such as Malcolm X College on the West Side or Harold Washington College in the Loop, and award transfer credits for military trai...

Curbed enthusiasm for food truck ordinance

By Kaley Fowler

November 5, 2012

After months of pushing for an increased citywide presence, local food truck operators were met Oct. 31 with a list of 21 City Council-approved parking spaces. But the designated locations are not quite what many owners had in mind.Under the new ordinance, food trucks will be restricted to parking in sanctioned spaces for a maximum of two hours, which city officials believe is in the best interest of existing eateries, truck o...

Steep competition in the Big Ten

By Nader Ihmoud

October 25, 2012

The college hoops regular season is roughly three weeks away from beginning, and there is no clear front-runner in the Big Ten.Five teams from the Big Ten have been ranked in USA Today’s preseason poll. The University of Indiana Hoosiers, who were ranked No.1 in the nation by the poll, are also voted by a panel of media as the favorites to win their conference.“The attention the team has gotten is good,” said Hoosiers...

European Union deserves Nobel Peace Prize

By Tyler Davis

October 21, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize nominees are usually kept secret, so there was much speculation about who would be this year’s laureate.The prize could have gone to a wide variety of do-gooders, including Burmese President Thein Sein for moving his country’s militaristic government toward democracy or Bradley Manning for divulging vital information to Wikileaks. The Telegraph, a British paper, speculated that Bill Clinton would be ...

New year, fresh optimism for Renegades basketball

By Brandon Smith

October 21, 2012

Renegades basketball is gearing up for the coming season with a new roster.Head Coach and Columbia alumnus Joseph Phillips spoke optimistically about his team despite having an almost entirely new lineup. This is Phillips’ third year as the Renegades men’s basketball coach.“We’re looking to play our first game on Nov. 1 with a brand new roster,” he said. “We’re a little more organized this year. We’re takin...

Occupy Our Homes

By Jessica Mattison

October 21, 2012

On October 15th 2012 Occupy Chicago gathered at Jackson and LaSalle to celebrate eviction resistance. The event was called "From Tents to Homes". In honor of taking empty houses and opening them up to the millions of homeless who live on the streets of Chicago.

Supreme Court should protect affirmative action

By Editorial Board

October 14, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case that could affect how colleges can or cannot use race as a factor in admission. Fisher v. University of Texas, which was argued before the court on Oct. 10, focuses on using race as a criterion for admission.Abigail Fisher, a white resident of Texas, sued the University of Texas at Austin, claiming she was rejected by the college because its admissions policy factors in race when dete...

One on one with president Carter

By Alexandra Kukulka

October 14, 2012

After a bizarre turn of events between President Warrick L. Carter and Louise Love, interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, regarding her possible elevation to provost, Carter confirmed she has not been given the position after all.Following a meeting with Carter Oct. 3, Love told her provost council that she would be named provost, as reported by The Chronicle Oct. 8. However, she made the announcement before...

Justice sought for wrongfully convicted

By Kaley Fowler

October 7, 2012

Although police are expected to maintain civilian safety, there are often unreported cases of police torture, according to Joey Mogul, an attorney for the People’s Law Office. He asserted during an Oct. 3 discussion that defendant testimony in cases of police brutality is usually viewed as false because of the assumed credibility of law enforcement officials.As part of Roosevelt University’s second annual Wrongful Conv...

Photography for ‘Lomo’ sapians

By Trevor Ballanger

October 7, 2012

While rifling through items at a garage sale, a photographer spots an old Rolleiflex camera among the clutter. She picks it up and considers its potential as not just an antique but an artistic gateway. In a digital age in which film could be considered obsolete, some see uncharted territory waiting to be filled with beautiful imperfections.Lomography is a term coined by a group of Austrian students who came across a small Russian camera called t...

How important is the right to grind?

By Alexandra Kukulka

September 30, 2012

For some students, homecoming can be the highlight of high school. Girls shop for dresses, guys get nervous about asking their dream date to the dance and parents buy new cameras to snap precious photos. Dirty dancing is another element of this magical night.Grinding at school dances was a heated issue during my middle school years. Teachers who chaperoned the dance would come to me and say, “Kukulka, I will have a ruler at t...

‘Looper’ an aesthetically dazzling disappointment

By Sam Flancher

September 30, 2012

The critical and commercial success of 2010’s “Inception” was a refreshing change of pace for many filmgoers. Love it or hate it, the film was something of an anomaly in modern Hollywood—a gamble on an original screenplay in an era of adaptations, sequels and reboots. Though hampered by expositional and structural faults, “Inception” ushered in something new. “Looper,” the latest film from director Rian Johnson (“Br...

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