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New debt-to-income ratio offers students a glimpse into their financial future

New debt-to-income ratio offers students a glimpse into their financial future

June 15, 2020

Reese Okuwobi was not sure what she had gotten herself into regarding student debt until she was already in the thick of it. Okuwobi, a senior marketing major, said as a first-generation college stu...

Editor's Note: Student loan borrowers need  better support from the government

Editor’s Note: Student loan borrowers need better support from the government

December 8, 2019

Student loans are stacking up for millions of Americans, and while student borrowers drown, the U.S. Department of Education proves time and time again it is both incompetent and unwilling to help tho...

The Business of Marijuana

By Sponsored Content

March 29, 2018

I know that marijuana is legal now in some states. That’s pretty wild, but I’m curious: how shady is the legal marijuana business? It’s hard for me to believe that a drug that was illegal so recently is now at the center of an industry full of legitimate businesses. And isn’t marijuana still illegal at the federal level? Are there legitimate investors and businesses really operating in such a weird legal limbo? Mari...

Do you know your credit score? How students can ensure good credit

Do you know your credit score? How students can ensure good credit

March 17, 2018

By getting credit cards and borrowing student loans, college students are building  credit  histories with lasting consequences. But are students well-informed about what can go wrong and how to safely build their credit scores? John Ganotis, founder of Credit Card Ins...

Devonne rests comfortably on a fuzzy pillow.

Catcade ‘win-win’ for cats, cat lovers

September 5, 2017

Cats lounging in a pile of pillows. Cats grooming themselves in front of a large storefront window. Cats curled up at the top of a cat tree, sprawled on a tabletop arcade game, sleeping in a restored “...

Nancy Updike, a founding producer of podcast giant

As podcasts expand, funding competition toughens

November 17, 2014

For a radio conference, there was a lot of extraneous noise Nov. 9 in the meeting rooms at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza, 350 W. Mart Center Drive, during the Third Coast International Audio Festival. ...

Durbin speaks to his supporters at Westin Hotel, 320 N. Dearborn Street in Chicago, at his election party following his victory over Jim Oberweis. 

Durbin defeats Oberweis for senate seat

November 5, 2014

Sen. Dick Durbin defeated challenger Jim Oberweis Nov. 4, becoming the first Democrat in Illinois history to win a fourth term in the U.S. Senate. Several major news outlets such as CBS2, Fox News and ...

Surviving the big pay off

By Maria Castellucci & Matt McCall Opinions Editor & Features Editor

October 27, 2014

Russell Harrison might never have paid off his student loans if he hadn’t had his debt consolidated.Upon graduating in 2008 from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, after receiving a bachelor’s of arts in music composition, he owed $40,000–50,000 in private and federal student loans. At the time, he was working at 7-Eleven and a Millworks furniture construction factory, operating heavy machinery. He worked mornings an...

College needs to think of its investors: the students

By Editor-in-Chief

September 29, 2014

As a senior, I often encounter classmates who are about to graduate and enter the professional world. Often burdened with the same fears of chipping away at mountainous student debt and finding a job related to their field, it is not uncommon for graduating seniors to care little for what will financially impact the next generation of Columbia students. However, knowing the college’s financial woes and having friends wh...

Student debt a national epidemic

Student debt a national epidemic

September 29, 2014

As tuition at colleges across the country continues to rise, student debt remains an epidemic that plagues many students and graduates, and Strike Debt has taken notice. Strike Debt, an organization that began after the Occupy Wall Street movements, is creating Debt Collective, a d...

Stitching together artistic past, present

The artists featured in DePaul’s Art Museum exhibit “From Heart to Hand” exhibit are African-American women working in Gee’s Bend, Ala. The quilts, including Mary Maxiton’s “Everybody Quilt” (pictured above) celebrate a historically rich cultural practice.

By Sarah Madera

April 28, 2014

African-American women made quilts to keep their families warm long before the Civil War, but now the quilts demonstrate a cultural artistry unique to the South. To honor the historical significance o...

Columbia names five honorary degree recipients

Columbia names five honorary degree recipients

April 21, 2014

After Columbia’s Spring 2014 graduates stroll across the Chicago Theatre stage, they will hear words of wisdom from this year’s honorary degree recipients. The recipients include architect Jea...

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