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Quinn calls for tax hike

By Patrick Smith

March 15, 2010

On March 10, Gov. Pat Quinn delivered his budget address to the Illinois General Assembly in an effort to address a $13 billion dollar deficit. But critics, from Republican state lawmakers to Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Richard M. Daley, said Quinn and the state government are not doing enough.Quinn proposed more borrowing to cover the state’s bills, budget cuts and a 33 percent hike in the income tax."The problems we ...

Spreading groove

By Colin Shively

February 22, 2010

Chicago’s art, music and culture are as diverse as the United States itself. From pop and rap music icons to jazz legends, the city’s history is rich and vibrant. However, over time, history tends to be forgotten. But for the past three years, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble has been working hard to bring music to the Chicago Public School system.The Louis Armstrong Legacy Program and Celebration is a series of lessons taught t...

Parental concern over Huberman unnecessary

By Molly Lynch

February 16, 2009

Every time I read stories about disputes in school systems, I often come to the realization that parents and students tend to do a bit of a role reversal. Like clockwork, as soon as a new policy emerges that causes a stir in a school, parents are usually the first to throw hissy fits, organize protests and make headlines as they incessantly and ignorantly whine about a topic they often don't understand.Not long after Mayor Richa...

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