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The Tech Center closes its doors June 1 after Apple ended the partnership with the college but all technical support and retail services will be available for students at the Bookstore after renovations this summer. 

Tech Center to close for Bookstore renovations

April 29, 2018

The college’s Tech Center will permanently close June 1, and the Bookstore will undergo renovations this summer to expand its technical support and retail services for students. The Bookstore, 624 S. Michigan Ave., will operate as Columbia  students’ main source for technolo...

Student with powerful, political message to perform at dance festival

Student with powerful, political message to perform at dance festival

April 22, 2018

Senior dance major Stephanie Banes’ performance piece “Who R U?” has been selected for a performance at the American College Dance Association’s National College Dance Festival after she performed at ACDA’s 2018 North-Central Conference in March. Banes said he...

Recent actions prove Columbia really cares

Recent actions prove Columbia really cares

September 18, 2017

With disasters everywhere—two hurricanes, more possibly on the way and the potential deportation of 800,000 immigrants—Columbia has stepped up to show its students that it does care about them. ...

Informational sessions were held the week of Sept. 19 for employees with questions regarding life insurance benefits, announced in a Sept. 12 email.

Insurance benefits slashed for non-union employees

September 26, 2016

Full-time, non-union employees were notified of benefits cuts, effective Oct. 1, reducing the payment to beneficiaries in the event of an employee’s death, according to a Sept. 12 email from Columbia’s Hu...

New laws can’t stop cyber bullies

By Gabrielle Rosas

January 17, 2012

Most people have probably heard sad stories of cyber bullying, ending in self-harm or suicide. In most cases, the harm could not be prevented because of the will of an angry student and the accessibility of the Internet. For the past few years, new laws have been passed across the country to make the consequences of cyber bullying harsher, but this will not be enough.On Jan. 1, House Bill 3281 took effect in Illinois schools. T...

New environmental-friendly fleet joins Yellow Cab Chicago

By Kristen Franzen

January 31, 2011

A new way to get around Chicago’s city streets is in the works. In March, one of the city’s largest taxi companies will begin using cleaner fuel and potentially provide a greener environment.The federal government has approved the new Ford Transit Connect taxi as a fleet to join Yellow Cab Chicago. The vehicles will be delivered in March 2011 to Taxi Medallion Management.The company purchased a dozen Ford Transit Connect taxis that wi...

Citywide WiMax debuts

By Patrick Smith

November 9, 2009

Chicagoans can now access wireless Internet from anywhere in the city for the price of a regular home Internet subscription; the service will expand to surrounding suburbs in the coming months.Clearwire and Sprint launched the new WiMAX wireless Internet service in Chicago last week, a product that promises the speedy Internet access of Wi-Fi with the breadth of coverage provided by cell phones.WiMAX is a fourth-generatio...

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