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Director Jeremy Saulnier was inspired to direct “Green Room” by his experiences playing in a local punk band in high school.

Neo-Nazi punks raise hell in indie thriller ‘Green Room’

April 18, 2016

Director Jeremy Saulnier spent his youth playing in punk rock bands and shooting no-budget zombie films with his friends on a Super 8 camcorder. His third feature film, “Green Room,” harkens back to...

Dry campus a wet blanket

By Editorial Board

February 16, 2015

Columbia proudly touts itself as a “dry campus”—drinking, possessing or distributing alcohol is strictly prohibited on campus and at college-sponsored events held off campus, unless the college’s administration approves otherwise. While the college’s dry campus policy means well, it is a laughable and barely enforceable policy at best.The Chronicle in no way condones underage drinking or providing alcohol to minors...

YouTube boosts accessibility of interactive music videos

By Managing Editor

February 9, 2015

Artists like Kanye West and Arcade Fire have dabbled with interactive music videos in the past, but You- Tube is taking steps to make such videos much more common. The video-sharing website announced the creation of a new user-friendly tool on Feb. 4 that will allow visitors the ability to interact more directly with artist music videos, according to a same-day Billboard report. Effective immediately, users who upload...

Sports fans: Da Bears and da bees

By Copy Chief

January 26, 2015

Somebody had to give da Bears da talk, and it wasn’t da coach.Face it, the Bears were beyond underwhelming this year. Contrary to what the majority of Bears fans might be saying, it was not entirely because of poor coaching, though.Don’t get me wrong, I am not praising the 2014–2015 Bears coaching staff, but since the league and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision on the Ray Rice controversy earlier in the s...

Confessions of an irrepressibly curious optimist

By Copy Chief

December 9, 2014

It was a painfully cold day in early March 2013 when I first swore I would never be a journalist. The demands were too much—I could never reasonably have a life, a family, hobbies or a vacation with this schedule. It was my first semester writing for The Chronicle and I swore it would be my last.I stayed on for another three semesters and now believe I cannot do anything with my life other than journalism. Obviously, so...

Colleges, universities  re-examine sexual assault policies

Colleges, universities re-examine sexual assault policies

March 10, 2014

With two nearby universities under scrutiny for alleged Title IX violations concerning how they handled student sexual assault cases, Columbia officials say they are doing their best to deal with sex crimes on campus. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal civ...

College creates new department, terminates employees

By Associate Editor

March 3, 2014

The college fired more than half of the current employees in the Office of Institutional Advancement to make way for a new Department of Development.President Kwang-Wu Kim announced the terminations and restructuring in a Feb. 28 email to college staff and faculty. The new Department of Development will replace the current division of Institutional Advancement, which is the office responsible for fundraising and creating and ...

Halloween’s innocence scared away

By Sophia Coleman

October 29, 2012

When I was a kid, the nights leading up to Halloween consisted of crafting costumes with my family. The smell of spray paint, foam and markers filled the air, and a monstrous mess grew on the floor of the garage. In 1993, my mom and dad designed beautiful sea creature costumes for my sister and me, artfully cut from pieces of spongy foam and painted with lifelike precision. When the masterpiece was placed over my head, I tran...

Art Institute ‘Gang[s]’ up with contemporary architect

By Alex Stedman

October 22, 2012

From the Willis Tower to the Wrigley Building, Chicago’s architectural marvels and the people who design them are world-renowned. Even though Columbia’s Media Production Center, 1600 S. State St., isn’t historically significant, one of its most prominent designers is being recognized in an exhibition at the Art Institute.“Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects,” which opened Sept. 24, features the work of Chicago architect ...

Daily schedule and scores

By Nader Ihmoud

October 18, 2012

10/16NBA PreseasonChicago Bulls 100 Milwaukee Bucks 94Notes: Point guard Nate Robinson and shoot guard Richard Hamilton combined to score 47 points for the Bulls.MLB PlayoffsDetroit Tigers 2 New York Yankees 1WP: Justin Verlander LP: Phil HughesSave: Phil CokeSeries: Detroit leads 3-010/17NCAA men's soccerNorthwestern Wildcats @ Loyola RamblersTime: 7 pmCincinnati Bearcats @ DePaul Blue DemonsTime: 3 pmMLB PlayoffsSan Francisco Giants @ St. Louis CardinalsGiants SP: Matt CainCardinals SP: Kyle LohseTime: 3 pmSeries: series tied 1-1New York Yankees @ Detroit TigersYankees SP: C.C. SabathiaTigers SP: Max SherzerTime: 7 pmSeries: Tigers lead 3-0

Disposable fashion, no passion

By Sophia Coleman

October 15, 2012

Too many mornings I wake up and think, “I have nothing to wear.” If you look into my closet, you’d probably think it looks like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Akira had a booze-induced threesome, procreated a few dozen times, and puked all over my wardrobe.There are sweaters and jeans in every color of the rainbow piled high on wire shelves next to cardigans, blouses and skirts hanging haphazardly or crumpled on th...

Designer egos stifle fashion’s voices

By Sophia Coleman

October 8, 2012

Quote approval has been a hot debate in journalism lately, and it’s no surprise that divas in the fashion world are included on the list of culprits who have little faith in journalists.Several brands have made headlines for pressuring publications and reporters to take pieces off the Internet or run corrections. The PR rep for Yves Saint Laurent wrote to online fashion publication Business of Fashion in mid-September aski...

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