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Minimum wage should be living wage

By Editorial Board

December 10, 2012

The Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, a union of restaurant and retail workers, started a campaign called #FightFor15 on Nov. 15 to raise the minimum wage to $15. To emphasize their argument, WOCC members rallied for their cause on Black Friday near shoppers, according to the union’s website.Illinois’ minimum wage is currently $8.25 per hour—$1 more than the federal minimum—but still may be too low to live o...

‘Potluck: Chicago’ stirs diversity

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 21, 2011

by Tim ShaunnesseyContributing WriterThe London-based art organization motiroti, whose mission is to overcome immigration conflict through the arts, made its Chicago debut at Columbia Nov. 15 in a series of workshops and activities titled “Potluck: Chicago.” Potluck’s focus was on promoting collaboration and diversity in the arts world, and the programs served to introduce motiroti to the Columbia community. The group i...

Becoming the next Marilyn Monroe

By SpencerRoush

November 29, 2010

No one has yet reached such stardom as Hollywood glamour icon Marilyn Monroe. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock can recall the famous scene where her billowing white dress flies up while she stands on a city subway grate in the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch.”Though Monroe died almost 50 years ago, she continues to make headlines—trumping other entertainment news about current stars—to grace the cover of major magazines. Her priceless personal items and never-released images a...

Fair brings student resources

By J_Howard

October 11, 2010

Between classes, work and a social life, the thought of staying healthy may come as an afterthought for students. Columbia is holding the first Wellness Fair of the year on Oct. 20. The event not only offers free lunch for students, but also information and opportunities to seek on the spot assistance for health issues.The Wellness Fair is a once-a-semester event that aims to provide students with an atmosphere in which they c...

Fact & Faith column truly a critical encounter

By TaylorGleason

October 19, 2009

Humanity survives on basic beliefs of what is good and what is bad. Everyone believes in something, whether they recognize it or not. For example, most people believe that it would be a bad idea to walk in front of a moving vehicle, even if they haven’t personally experienced the repercussions. When tragedy occurs, people get by on the emotional fumes that say, “Everything will be OK,” even if they aren’t sure it ...

Critical Encounters: Branding trust

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 28, 2009

Quick. What do Nike’s Air Jordans have in common with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ painkiller Bextra? Here’s how I connect the dots.Early this month, Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. I’m a Michael Jordan fan, so when I missed the televised event, I checked out his remarks on YouTube. While some would carp that Jordan could have been more gracious (and I’d agree with them) —he should have rec...

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