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Galantis strives to 'feel good' with new album

Galantis strives to ‘feel good’ with new album

November 13, 2017

Swedish EDM duo Galantis has been releasing chart-climbing singles since 2014, as well as its debut album, Pharmacy, which peaked at number one on Billboard’s 2015 Top Dance/Electronic albums.Both Gala...

Student creates Frequency TV’s latest scripted sitcom

Student creates Frequency TV’s latest scripted sitcom

March 27, 2017

Freshman television major Johnny Cassidy came up with an idea for a short sketch about a student who attends college with his parents after coming back from a theatre performance.  After creating one sketch, Cassidy decided to develop a few more that soon developed into a f...

Controversial past does not justify Lindsay Lohan’s abuse

Selena Cotte

By Opinions Editor

August 18, 2016

Yahoo News published its clickbait slideshow “These 10 Celebs Rehabilitated Their Images—Why Can’t Lindsay Lohan?” on Aug. 10, showing before-and-after images of Nicole Richie, Robert Downey Jr....

Environmental issues should not be politicized

February 22, 2016

Climate change is one of today’s most urgent and far-reaching issues. President Barack Obama has addressed it through his Clean Power Plan, which was announced August 3, 2015. The plan is designed to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and expand the clean energy economy, but, unlike other proposed solutions such as a tax on the carbon content of fuels, it does not require congressional approval as it alters existing...

Three is the new two: How to menage a trois

By Copy Chief

February 9, 2016

Threesomes, once considered a shocking and perverted act, are becoming mainstream as more people decide to add a third partner into their beds.Wholesome Disney star Hilary Duff was in a 2009 episode of “Gossip Girl” in which she had a threesome with characters Dan and Vanessa. Even pop singer Britney Spears sings songs about the phenomenon in her song “3.” The most common type of threesome arguably involves two wom...

Student center to be developed through student eyes

Student center to be developed through student eyes

November 16, 2015

Student voices will be an important force in planning Columbia’s recently announced Student Center, according to Mark Kelly, vice president of Student Success.The center, which is slated to be complete b...

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