Media Hub Minute Episode 19

Jackie Elliott and Peter Midwa

By Kristen Gesicki, Staff Reporter

In this episode, we’ll tell you about two climate change-themed pieces for this year’s Art on theMART Spring Program.

We’ll also tell you about “Provocative Play,” a recent exhibition that showcased the history and community of the Chicago burlesque scene.

And finally, crowds of students gathered at the Metro to cheer on the students artists and bands who battled head to head at the return of Biggest Mouth. Find out which Columbia artist won the competition and will be the opening act for the headliner at Manifest in this episode of the Media Hub Minute.

Hosted and written by Kristen Gesicki. Directed, produced and edited by Jackie Elliott. Cinematography by Peter Midwa. Graphics by Jackie Elliott. Photos by Irvin Ibarra, Sam Tucker and K’Von Jackson.